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Changing headlight in c230 Kompressor (2002)

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the low beam on my left headllight went out yesterday, the parking light in my right headlight went out today.
1. Am unsure of how to change out; I need step by step directions as well as 'what to look for'
2. Are there specific 'mercedes' bulbs I need to use? Any recommmendations?
3. Should I be changing out both at the same time to ensure that they are of the same intensity?
4. I am currently in Anchorage, AK and the temp is -18. Will that effect this process?

Thank you!
HelloCustomer these are easy to change from under the hood. Just follow the instructions below. You do not need to watch out for anything specific. There is also no reason to change both bulbs if the other one is fine. If the bulb is a Xenon gas filled bulb then I would purchase it from Mercedes. If it is the standard bulb then a good Sylvania bulb will do. When doing this try not to contact the glass part of the bulb, especially on the Xenon type. You also want to take care as to not let moisture enter the headlamp. Try doing this in a garage if possible. Let me know if you need more help.

Lethal hazard from high voltage on xenon headlamps
  • Do not touch parts which conduct high voltages. Persons with active electronic implants (e.g. heart pacemakers) should never work on xenon headlamps.
1 Open hood and raise to vertical position
2 Unclip casing cover (2) and remove

NOTE: High beam (4) (E1e1, E2e1), side light and parking light (5) (E1e3, E2e3)

3 Unclip casing cover (1) and remove

NOTE: Low beam (6) (E1e2, E2e2), xenon headlamp low beam (E1e8, E2e8)

4 Turn base (3) and take off

NOTE: Turn signal indicator (E1e5, E2e5)

5 Disconnect electrical connector from relevant bulb

NOTE: Remove side light and base.

6 Open relevant bulb retaining clips

NOTE: If code (612b) xenon headlamp unit is fitted, press release lug (arrow) and turn bulb bayonet ring.

CAUTION: Installation: Pay attention to position of release lug relative to headlamp unit.

7 Remove bulb


  • Installation: Do not touch the glass of the bulb with bare fingers. Use a non-greasy, soft cloth.
  • Ensure bulb is correctly installed. If code (612b) xenon headlamp unit is fitted, recess (arrow) of xenon low beam bulb (7) must be pointing up.
8 Install in the reverse order
9 Perform function check
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