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Mike, Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  34 years of in the Motor Trade as diagnostic Technician and general repair work.
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Hi My wifw has washed my Mercedes CLS320 key in the washing

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Hi My wifw has washed my Mercedes CLS320 key in the washing machine. Now the key will not activate in other words I place the key in the ignition and the steering wheel is locked. Any Ideas please ???
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

2007 Mercedes-Benz CLS 320

Already Tried:
I have tried placing the key in the ignition ands holding the buttons down. However, this has proved to stop the doors from unloacking and locking including the boot wont work now by the remote key
Hello & Welcome to justanswer....

First thing, I assume you have another key you can use so you should be able to use the car...

To your other key now..

Your best option is to open up the key fob -it will prise open with a knife or some such blace and physically dry it out -
Remove the battery and dry around that area too - but don't waste any time doing it - You may already have a problem with the key because of the water - but if the battery is out for too long it loses its coding..

So... do that and then I suggest you give it a god blow with your wifes hair dryer -
When you are satisfied that it is dry , retry it.... if it works , great -- if not - it could simply be that the battery has been drained because of the water shorting it out -- so , the next step would be to try a new battery...

If all that fails - you may need a new key - or you could try recoding the key, but that will have to be done at the merc dealers..

See how you go with the above ...

I Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX have helped you - Please ask if you need more help...

Kind Rgds, MIKE

PS~ Please press the ACCEPT button if you are happy with my answer/advice given - Thank you .

Feedback is always appreciated too
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Mike, I have to travel 30 miles to get the spare key from the office I just hope its there.


Can you give me more info on how to remove the battery again which part of the key do you place the knife etc as I dont want to break the fob.

Furthermore, I done the hairdryer and no water appeared to come out however the light blinks when I press the lock button

Hi again....

Thank you for getting back to me.....

Okayy.. if the light is blinking as per normal - I would say that water has not got in it -- They are a pretty tight seal anyway - and I have seen that happen ( keys in rain / washers etc and not got wet inside ) .....

If the key "appears" to work correctly, then I would see in that sense its ok - but will have lost its coding perhaps, due to the heat in the machine or other electrical sources spiking the electronics ( from the machine ) ....

It would appear that that is the case and its going to need re programming as mentioned before.. Im sorry thats not the news you especially needed to hear - but at least you have a spare - it would be a right toyal nightmare otherwise...even if it does mean a trip to get it...

I cant honestly think of another way forward on this one - other than perhaps just trrying cycling throgh the buttons several times on the key -but I suppose you have already done that...
Try that if you havn't already , it just may be worth a try , it won't do any harm either way...

Best Rgds....MIKE

PS~ Please press the ACCEPT button if you are happy with my answer/advice given - Thank you .

Feedback is always appreciated too

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for the reply. The hope is I can get find my spare.


Final question Any idea how long does it take to get a key programmed at the Merc delaer ?

Is it on the spot or are we talking days etc.

Hello again ;)

It is done on the spot , takes about 10 mins... in fact, they will come to you and do it... We had it with a Sprinter van not so long ago - they came out with a new key and did it... but thats if your key will re program -- My feeling is, it will... but if worst case scenario , it needs a new key, they will ask you for the reg of he car - the VIN ( chassis number) - and a proof of ownership - then they will arrange a new key for you - then program it...

So it all depends, time wise a little bit on whether your "washed" key will re I say - I would think its worth a try to be honest... If you ring the deaer in the morn...they will tell you al this too..

I wish you all the very best with it....

Best Rgds... MIKE
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