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2002 mercedes C240: miss fire..coils..OTC scanner up to record sensors

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I have a 2002 mercedes C240 with #'s 3 and 6 miss fire. Put 12 wires 12 plugs and 2 coils and still had problem. By the time I hooked OTC scanner up to record sensors it stop missing. SENARIO: Car was fine till customer tyed to pass, started to miss/loss of power. Turn ignition off then on car drives fine. I had same problem too?

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.


There has been a service bulletin on the crankshaft position sensor. Here is what it states.


Date: January 22, 2002

Order No.: P-B-07.60/16


Group: 07

C-Class (203.061/064) with M112 (V6) Engine


E-Class (All) with M112 (V6) and M113 (V8) Engine

S-Class (220.170/175, 215.375) with M113 (V8) Engine

Rough Idle / Rough Running / Hesitation / Engine Won't Start

On the above mentioned models, if you encounter conditions of rough idle, rough running, hesitation or engine won't start with the following possible engine codes P2034, P2050, P2051 P2052, P2053, P2054, P2055, P2056, P2057, P2058, is possible that there is moisture in the crankshaft position sensor plug leading to corrosion of the contact pin(s). Please perform the following procedure to resolve.

1.Read out fault memory from engine control module, print/file and erase.


2.C-Class (203.061/064):


-Remove engine cover/air cleaner.


-Remove air intake hose between air cleaner and air intake scoop.


-Remove air mass sensor with air duct.



-Remove engine cover.


S-Class (220.170/175, 215.375)

-Remove engine cover/air cleaner.


-Remove air intake hose between air cleaner and air intake scoop.


3.Disconnect plug from crankshaft position sensor.


4.Cut open and remove heat-shrink tubing around wires & plug.


5.Using special "unlock" tool, unlock and remove contact pins from crankshaft sensor plug.


6.Cut cable between harness insulation and crimping of pins.


7.Slide new heat-shrink tubing onto cable.


8.Solder new crankshaft sensor plug with individual wire seals PN(NNN) NNN-NNNNonto existing wiring harness and insulate with new-heat shrink tube (observe correct wiring assignment) - see WIS document AR00.19-P-01 00A.


9.Reconnect plug to crankshaft position sensor.


10.Proceed as in Step 2 in reverse order.


Note :Modified plug has been phased into production as follows:


C and E-Class: Harness production 7/01

S-Class: Harness production 11/01

Production date of the harness is located on the harness inside the module box.




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