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Mercedes CLK350: coupe..the steps for removing the center arm rest I

Resolved Question:

I have a Mercedes CLK350 coupe W209. What are the steps for removing the center arm rest I am installing the new iphone cradle and I want to run the adapter cable from the ipod interface to the iphone cradle pigtail cable.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  AbloW_MB replied 9 years ago.


Yes i can help you, and thank you for using "Just Answer" for questions regarding your Mercedes Benz.

AR68.20-P-2000Q Remove/Install Center Console
- except CODE (P98) Black Series


Risk of explosion from explosive gas. Risk of poisoning and caustic burns from swallowing battery electrolyte. Risk of injury clothing through burns to skin and eyes from battery acid or when handling damaged lead-acid batteries

  • No fire, sparks, naked flames or smoking.
  • Wear protective gloves, acid-resistant clothing and safety glasses. Pour battery electrolyte only into suitable and appropriately marked containers.

1Disconnect ground cable of battery


  • Do not connect quiescent current retention device otherwise this may cause damage to the control modules.

2Remove ashtray housing (3) from front center console (1)
3Position center armrest (2) vertically
4Remove carpet insert in stowage compartment
5Remove screws (4).
6Unclip side covers (5) in ashtray housing tunnel (3), remove
7Turn screws (6) for arresting pins approx. 1/2 turn

NOTE: Left and right side

8.1Disconnect connector from portable cellular telephone separation point (X39/37)
  • With code (853) MB standard telephone
  • With code (854) MB portable cellular telephone
9.1Loosen antenna line separation point (8)
  • With code (853) MB standard telephone
  • With code (854) MB portable cellular telephone
10Remove center console (1) toward rear

NOTE: Lift center console (1) at rear.

11Reinstall in opposite order
12Perform basic programming
13Read diagnostic trouble code memory and erase
14Check for proper function

PLease let me know if this has helped you out at all, any feedback is greatly appreciated also Thank You!

Pablo the "BenzWrencher"

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have the arm rest with the rib pull open style
Expert:  AbloW_MB replied 9 years ago.
AR68.20-P-2370Q Remove/Install Armrest Lid on Center Console
- with CODE (326) Telephone holder in front armrest
-with CODE (386) Preinstallation for telephone "Handy", UPCI system
- without CODE (P98) Black Series [model 209]

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

the pictures you sent me do not open.

Expert:  AbloW_MB replied 9 years ago.


the procedure is to remove the ashtray, there should be two screws, remove those, using a suitable plastic wedge or any other non-scratching utensil(spatula) gently pry up on the plastic cover around the shifter and set of to the side, if you need more room, you should be able to disconnect. inside the center console there is a carpet at the bottom, remvoe the carpet and there is two screw that hold down console. if you need more info please let me know.

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