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Transmission problems. Will not shift into reverse. When I

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Transmission problems. Will not shift into reverse. When I move the shifter into reverse it is like it is in netrual. Was having a little problem in the past that when it did go into reverse took a little time to grab and then to some degree was a jerking type of movement when moving reverse. When going forward everything ok and shifts normal through all the gears. So as long as I only go forward everything is ok. Can you advise what the problem might be. and what I would be looking at cost wise to repairs same. Want to keep the car, but also do not want to "break the bank"- would tranny need to be rebuilt or is it something a little milder cost wise. The chasis is 124.051 and the engine is 104.98When I say it wont shift into reverse I mean it wont connect to move the car in reverse. The actual shifter will go into the
reverse slot, but then nothing happens. So it just the reverse that is the problem.1990 mercedes 300ec with amg package
Well, the bad news is that odds are the front clutches have burned up. That really needs a overhaul to properly repair. But, there are a few things that are fairly simple that can break. Normally those are instant failures though. Not a progressive problem like you described.

In my shop we dont do rebuilds, we install remans with 36 month warranties. They cost around 3200.00 installed. A trans shop familar with the MB units could rebuild it for around 2200.00 or so from what I've heard.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to MBGuru's Post: Sounds like bad news all around . Is there such a thing as aftermarket trans. replacements or is that the rebuilt you are talking about ... and as there was some indication of a problem it always worked in reverse and then bank today "no work" Would this possibly fall into fairly simple things though you dont seem to feel this could be the problem. How is this checked out to find exactly what is wrong. tear it down ? and is 2200.about the cheapest route I can go. Otherwise you have answered what I was looking for, even if it was not what I wanted tohear
I use remans from European Transmission out of Atlanta. Haven't bought one in over a year though. The later units (722.6) I use MB remans. Call around a bit and see if there is a rebuilder (tranny shop) in your area that knows the Mercedes units. We have 2 here, both do good work but only give a 12 month warranty. The local Amcco does better from a warranty standpoint but cant fix them. LOL

Sorry about being the bearer of bad news my friend. I have to do that every day. :-(

Those 124 coupes are beautiful and rare, fix it.
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