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Overwhelmed by my job and feeling like I have put a lot of

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Overwhelmed by my job and feeling like I have put a lot of the problems on myself. I want to quit but feel too much is at stake. I feel like a failure and weak over this. I am freelance so there is an end. But my anxieties over it all want me out NOW.
Hello! Whatever you do don’t quit just yet. What is your job and what is the source of your stress? Any details might be helpful.
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Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I am freelance in the tv industry. I was brought on to a project that was a mess to begin with and although things seemed to be rolling along so much needs to be done to come together seamlessly. If things don't roll out as they should it's a matter of time and more money. It's not just time and money for me though it's also the look of the final product. I have let this eat me up for about 4 months and for being there for 4 months one would think I would have resolved certain issues but the issues are coming up quick and I need to get them fixed. There is little support to get this thing done and so many other issues. I just feel like I am nearly 40, should know what I am doing but instead I am anxiety riddled and becoming emotional over it all.