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LeahMSWuofm, Clinical Social Worker
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 678
Experience:  10 years post-MSW experience
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OKMH917100 How do i get back to feeling good about my sekf

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OKMH917100 How do i get back to feeling good about my sekf and notvsecond guessing every move i make

Hi, thank you for writing. My name is***** do you think you are second guessing everything and feeling bad about yourself? Did something occur that made you feel less confident or is this more of a life-long challenge? Do you feel like you are generally a person who worries a lot? How about someone who often feels down, tired, unmotivated, not interested in getting out? I look forward to chatting!


Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Im going threw a diviorce for starters...iv never been to jail before and ive been 3 times this year i used to enjoy getting out with friends but my stomach turns just thinking about it... i feel like people look at me diffrent now cause of things certain people have said about me which is not ture...i have always handled hard times better that most i used to keep my head up and think positive but i feel like im just making shit up when i try to be positive...theres not much positive in my life other than being alive and im not even sure if thats a positive any more
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
But to answer your question yes i have no motivation i worry about everything and everybody but mybself... i hate being alone like i hang out with people i would normally not even talk to i feel ashamed and feel like my friends are too... my family has pretty much disowned me since my mother died didnt hear from any of them thevday i got married or the night i had my baby girl which turned out not to be mine and im not allowed to see

Hi, thank you for those details. You have a lot on your plate and feeling down is a very natural response to all you have been through. I am really sorry to her of it. At the least, start to give yourself some credit for weathering the storm. There may not be the most gracious way to get through everything, but doing all you can to keep your head up is important. Start to consider picking what goals/opportunities you have for improving things. Perhaps rekindling relationships with friends or family is a good place to start or perhaps you need to focus on staying on the straight and narrow so your record doesn't grow. Once you begin to assess areas where you can make things better, look at small way of improving them and work your way up - slow and steady. Try not to focus too much on the big picture and how everything seems of track because that will feel daunting and hopeless.

Now, I asked about your motivation and feelings because I wondered about depression. I do suspect that anxiety and depression may be some driving factors in the way you are thinking, feeling and behaving. Anxiety over being alone is driving you to poor choices and depression may be clouding your judgement. I would encourage you strongly to talk to your doctor about considering an antidepressant medication to help weather this storm and also engaging with a counselor for more in-depth support as you navigate ll that has occurred so you can find out the best and healthiest ways to cope.

I know it seems hopeless right now but I promise you, there is still hope and as bad as it seems, you can and will bounce back. Show the people you love that you are the person they know you are. Just give yourself time but start putting your best foot forward today. Once you start to reengage with your life in a positive way, you'll be reminded that despite some bad things happening, there is room for improvement and you have a strong future as you are a young man. So keep fighting!! If you feel like you are really on your last leg with no where else to turn and your thoughts are swirling around doing something dangerous, contact the Suicide Helpline 24/7/365. Your life has meaning and your future is waiting for you to make it great. 1-800-273 8255


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