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OKMH98211 What are the allowances or limitations for

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OKMH98211 What are the allowances or limitations for touching from Therapist to client? Does it matter if it's during vs after the official session? There are many times I've wanted to hug my Therapist after a rough session. I don't want to initiate something that's not allowed or cross a boundary I'm not aware of.

Hi, thank you for writing. My name is***** a therapist, I can tell you this is quite individual and while generally, touching clients isn't typically encouraged, hugs can certainly feel appropriate at certain times. I have several patients who I hug on occasion, especially after significantly tough sessions or when they are hurting. If this is something you feel compelled to do, I think you just ask your therapist if she would mind a hug when you are wrapping up. If she happens to say no, you may feel a little embarrassed but it is probably just her protocol so you shouldn't take it too seriously. Chances are, if it feels right to you to ask, it will probably feel okay to her to reciprocate. I will add that while I hug from time to time, I do think it can cross a boundary if a patient uses hugging as a way of greeting or exiting on a consistent basis.

Hope this helps!!


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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks, I'll see how it goes when the time comes again.