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OKMH617211 I want to bring my son to counselling but his dad

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OKMH617211 I want to bring my son to counselling but his dad won't let me. He also is discouraging me from taking him to family doctors for his mental health. He is telling my son what he can and can't talk about and insists on coming with us should we go. I suspect psychological abuse. Is this a form of it? There's a lot of bullying and control ,yelling and criticizing going on as well . Am I just going crazy or is there a type of agency I can contact for help?

Hi my name is ***** ***** I hope I can help. Please give me a moment to read and respond.

I am sorry to hear you're going through this experience. It does sound like you may both be experiencing psychological abuse. You are not "crazy," and there are agencies that can assist.

What do you think would happen if you made an appointment with your sons primary care doctor and shared your concerns (first, what is going on with your son, and then with your son out of the room, your concerns about his father)? It may be that the medical professional has to contact child services, depending on the level of emotional abuse the medical professional believes is at play. Also, what do you think would happen if you made an appointment with a mental health professional OR had your son see the counselor at school?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I have contacted a lawyer and am getting together with a friend I trust tomorrow. I am putting together a plan and have gone to bank and got copies of all the money he's taken as well. He won't allow me to take him to docs and if so he said he's coming. I don't want to put my son in a position to be yelled at or bullied so lawyer first. Is this a good plan? I've transferred some money without him knowing and will be able to pay him

I think it's a great idea to have a lawyer involved. Are you planning on leaving your husband? I only ask because I am worried about any potential repercussions he may attempt given what you are going to do. The lawyer will be able to assist with determining what steps you need to take next in order to ensure safety of yourself and your son, as well as, ensuring your sons needs are met.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
He's not husband but 11 yes of mind games and a son. Lately has said we weren't together, he's dong me a favour by letting me live here but he's constantly confusing me and has lied and abused me and threatened me into handing over $ 200 000 I think. He's always moving money making list says he's paid me back and insists he's got records for everything. It's all not adding up . I was considering a private investigator in order to see what he did with and how much is left. Plus lawyer on Friday. Please any thoughts or suggestions are very appreciated . My priority is my son. I finally took blinders off when my son asked if I had any rights, I was mentally ill as well as using prescription drugs and alcohol. For years I suffered what I now know is psychological torture which perpetuating the cycle for me of relapse into mental addiction and drugs and alcohol. He always threatens and says things like no one will ever listen, ur a drunk looser no good not worth space and on and on. I'll definitely be rating you 5*
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I've been stable 5 months now

Okay, that's great that to hear that you are not legally married - as this may make the process easier (the lawyer will be able to give you more information). It does not sound like a safe situation for you or your son - I would work with your friend on contacting a local domestic violence shelter in your area (as the most dangerous time in a violent relationship is when one party leaves). If you need help finding resources in your area, I can assist with this (please let me know your location, it will be blurred in the content on our discussion).

I would worry about the money and a PI after you and your son are safe and away from this man.

I'm glad to hear you're stable now - it is also important for you to be functioning as best as you can, in order to best help your son. I would strongly suggest entering into your own treatment (if you are not already), as this will help with the entire process from leaving your partner to helping your son. People will listen - this is his way of attempting to gain control over you and it sounds like you are aware of his tactics. It also sounds like your son wants help - which is great!

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