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I just have one questions. I work for Early Head Start as a

Customer Question

I just have one questions. I work for Early Head Start as a home based Home Visitor in Indiana. I've been trying to find articles for a certain question, but I cannot find one that give me the answer I need.

JA: How long have you been dealing with this? Is there anything in particular that makes your head feel worse or better?

Customer: Excuse me?>

JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the psychologist should know?

Customer: No, this is for work. This isn't free

I have a foster family that I see on my caseload. The mother is concerned about the little boy. Her concerns are: He doesn't know how to open the safety gate in the living room, he won't buckle his own car seat belt, he waits until someone helps him. He'll stay in bed until someone wakes him up. Now, he's in foster so he might have a lot of emotional damage and low self-confidence.

He just turned 3 last week. Mom asked me if there is anything that she can help him to either build his confidence or help him with these particular skills. He can do a lot of things on his own, but mom is concerned on those skills that I mentioned above.

Another note is that he is the middle child and his older sister use to do everything for him.

Your help, advice, and expertise is greatly appreciated!

Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  llw26 replied 4 months ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I hope I can help. How long has the child been with the foster family? It may just take time for him to adjust to the new environment. Some of the things they could try are related to behavioralism - for example, teaching him (step by step) how to open the gate and when he does it on his own he gets to choose a sticker. This can be the same for the car seat. As for the waking-up on his own - have they tried an alarm? If so, how does he respond?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Lindsey! Thank you for the response. They have been with the foster family since September of 2016. Those are great ideas that I can share with mom. I have asked mom if she has set an alarm clock or timer, and she bought a monitoring system where it has a mic system that can talk through the monitor. I feel that an alarm is a great idea. I even suggested that to mom. Foster Mom has her own ways of doing things. She is 51 and three children under the age of 3 that she is fostering and has raised 6 children herself and was raised in a family of 10.She is quite interesting. I'm only there once a week for 90 minutes, I don't know what goes on through the rest of the week but I do see that the children love foster mom very much. I don't think she likes me coming because she "knows all of this." I feel this was court appointed for the children to have services.
Expert:  llw26 replied 4 months ago.

Hi! You're very welcome. Okay, so I don't know the child's history but with younger kids like that with their brain still developing - it is likely this may take up to a year before he's staring to venture out on his own - it's not uncommon (as I'm sure you're aware) for children to regress in new environments. Also, he just turned 3 - so I wouldn't expect him to be able to do everything she's asked of him - he's still in the learning process. Rewards work well with children his age - I said stickers, so then he's not getting extra sugar - but there also could be a basket of dollar store items and every time he gets so many stickers for positive behavior, he gets to choose an item.

Wow, she's had a lot of children over the years! And 3 right now under 3 - that can be intense. I'm glad to hear though that the children are flourishing under her care. I would think some people would see your services as an interruption to their daily life - however, it's necessary and helpful to have another set of hands/eyes/ideas - I hope foster mom begins to utilize the services instead of viewing it as a deterrent.