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Linda D.
Linda D., Psychotherapist, LMSW, CASAC
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  LMSW, CASAC
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Well I was seeking some advice to figure out if I may need

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Well I was seeking some advice to figure out if I may need some physcholigical help.
JA: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: Not really, I don't take medications and I've been evaluated before just for my occupation. I'm fine, I just have a social problem.
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the psychologist should know?
Customer: Well I've had some traumatic experiences in my lifetime from molestation in my youth to evil spiritual experiences. I don't know why, but I have a issue with talking to people an I'm not necessarily afraid of them.

Welcome to JA. My name is ***** ***** I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in NYS. I am preparing my reply and will post in one moment.

Thank you for sharing what has been on your mind. It is a good idea for a person to seek psychological professional help when they are having symptoms that are interfering with their functioning or their quality of life. Certainly the sexual molestation and negative spiritual experiences could cause a person to feel unsafe and to not trust individuals. You could have many triggers that remind you of these situations that would cause you difficulty now. Does this make sense to you?

Please let me know if you have any further questions and if I can help in any other way. I am here for you. I would appreciate you taking a moment to rate my service to you. Sincerely, ***** ***** LMSW, CASAC

If you are finished chatting with me I would like to ask that you please take a moment to rate my service to you, I would truly appreciate it. I wish you the best. Sincerely, ***** ***** LMSW, CASAC

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
it does & that's why I'm here, I'm wondering what other kinds of help I can/should be seeking.

Do you mean other working with a psychotherapist to help with trauma, trust issues and social anxiety? Linda D., LMSW, CASAC

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
you hit the nail on the head with that. What would help me with the social anxiety? I don't really understand why it's a problem and it doesn't feel like it.

The most effective treatment for anxiety disorders, including social anxiety is the combination of 1). medication to treat the biochemical aspect of the brain not working efficiently enough to keep our moods in balance. The medications are usually an SSRI ( Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor), they are relatively low cost, can be prescribed by your doctor and are non addictive. They are not adding anything to your brain as much as helping the neurotransmitters to work more efficiently. 2). Psychotherapy and 3). good Self Care. I have attached a wellness chart for you that will help you to see the many different things you can do on your own to increase your ability cope without having anxious symptoms. The only reason we consider social anxiety a problem is if it prevents the person from enjoying social situations and activities. I hope this helps. Please don't forget to rate my service to you as this is the only way we are compensated for our work. Thank you so much. Sincerely, ***** ***** LMSW, CASAC

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** one more question. Is my lack of talking from social anxiety? I don't really feel anxious to talk to people & it's not that I don't want to talk to them either, I can't really describe it but in a way I just feel more comfortable in silence I guess even though I do want to speak. It's almost like someone's hit the mute button on my life an I don't feel it's necessary to conversate as much anymore.

You are welcome, I am sincerely ***** ***** be here for you. All of us go through different periods of time in our life when we need more stimulation or conversation with us and when we do not. Honestly, I think it is great that you understand that you just prefer silence at times even if you are with other people. I know other men and women who are like that too. It is not a problem then. Linda D., LMSW, CASAC

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Ok, I that was my main reasoning behind my questions. I wanted to know if it was unnatural or not, some people think it's weird because I'm so quiet at times and don't really approach people for conversation. I think I was starting to feed into that and believe it was weird too.

No, it is not weird. It is important that you know you can just be yourself and believe in yourself. Everyone is different and people really should not judge each other. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, ***** *****

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