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OKMH1123211 I had schizophrenia for about an year and and it

Customer Question

OKMH1123211 I had schizophrenia for about an year and and it has been kinda cured for about an year and half. I had no psychotic sympoms for quite some time. However, I always noticed that my personality shifts into some other personality, or disappear, leaving me with deep emptiness inside(I feel weak, small, phony, and unmotivated when I feel empty). On some other occasions, I feel a piece of personaity come to me, and I can usually think and feel that this personality is a remnant of the past(usually a part of personality before having schizophrenia, etc) I am obsessed, from time to time, to hold that remnant of past, desirable personality, or sometimes, I constantly check and search out what kind of personality type I am right now. I really thought a lot about my ego, read many books about personality types, and deeply thought about it while being high on cocain(this worsen my schizophrenia). I understand that schizophrenia based imagination can cause me to feel what is not really true. Regarding this personality change/disapperance issue, is it a problem that my personality is really scattered and empty, or is it a problem that my schizophrenia causes me to feel imaginary ego so I am hypnotized to think and feel as if my personality shifts? Is this issue a "personality" problem, or "schizophrenia" problem?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  khagihara replied 10 months ago.

It seems to be dissociative personality disorder due to cocaine. You should stop it under your doctor's supervision.