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Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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It's there a psychiatrists licensed in Wyoming I can talk to

Customer Question

It's there a psychiatrists licensed in Wyoming I can talk to online?
JA: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: I have seen doctors and have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 and psychotic frequencies but the psychiatrists I have seen have moved, retired. I can't go out of town and the only one here is booked until January. I'm running out of medication and it really doesn't hell much with the recent panic attacks
JA: How long have you been dealing with this? Is there anything in particular that seems to make the symptoms better or worse?
Customer: I've been working on it for years, and recently had legal problems which are causing a lot more panic attacks
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the psychologist should know?
Customer: I don't know I've tried a lot not sure what to do
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.


Welcome to the question/answer interface.

I am a Family Medicine doctor, board certified with active licenses and certification in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Integrative Medicine & Naturopathy, with advanced training in Neurology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, and Psychiatry. I am also well-trained in Functional Medicine. For your review, here is my direct link with my current ratings:

If you'd like, I can certainly help recommend some options for psychiatrists that could be available from the comfort of your own home! Would you prefer a psychiatrist that is in person?

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

It seems that you're not able to chat at the moment - certainly not a problem. I’ll convert the chat session to a Question & Answer session. That way, we can both continue to post questions/comments/answers, without time restrictions, until you feel satisfied with the information you’ve received.

Feel free to click "reply" to post answers and more questions at any time. When you click “ reply” and type out your comment/question, I will be notified to come back and answer. You are not charged more than the initial deposit, no matter how long it takes for us to chat, so this will just take the time restrictions away for both of us. When you feel satisfied that I have addressed your concern completely, you can then press "accept" and rate the answer so that I may be compensated for the time.

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

e-psychiatry here :

and treatMD here:

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I don't know if this counts as a reply or accept or how to if it doesn't. I work 14 hour shifts until my one day off Monday. I have tried to talk to doctors here but they want me to see a psychiatrist for help and or medication because it is out of their scope. The sites you gave me I have already tried but there are no providers for Wyoming, do you know of any online psychiatrists that can work with me here?
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

I can do some research for you, if you'd like.

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

I'm not finding it difficult to locate psychiatrists in wyoming with some of these sites. Can you help me understand your difficulty?

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
My difficulty is that when I search for a psychiatrist on any of these sites for Wyoming there is none, and doctors around here won't prescribe that type of medication without seeing one first. If you know of any others or how to find one on those sites that it's licensed for Wyoming that would be great.
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

I see. May I ask what type of medication(s) are you referring to?

Have you looked on treatmd? I'm seeing many options in Wyoming.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I've tried treatmd looked under psychiatrist under find a provider more and mental health under facility more and it shows nothing. I know there are no more psychiatrists here in town anymore, their sites are still operational but they have all moved or retired. I can't go out of my county to go to someone new in person so I was looking to find someone online. The medications I'm on are seroquel and nortriptyline but don't help much with the panic attacks, so I may need to change them.
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 8 months ago.

Ah, thank you for the explanations. I'm sorry you're having such a struggle, and I can see how frustrating it must be if you can't move around to locations out of your country. I am not located anywhere near Wyoming, and I think you and I have maxed out my resources for options for online psychiatry available. Have you considered posting an advertisement for one? Have you considered asking a primary care doctor, or a hospital doctor for assistance coordinating with one? I would imagine someone knowledgeable with the local options would be helpful!