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Referral to my MD will not. Suffice as he is just out of

Customer Question

Referral to my MD will not. Suffice as he is just out of residency as a family physicians and other than the sixth counselor I've seen over the years to no avail he wants me to see a psychiatrist as the FDA now encourages this specialty to which there are few of and very expensive I'm bed bound most days and risk losing my job tonight without medical intervention
JA: Have you seen a doctor about this yet? What medications are you taking?
Customer: Several counselors over the yrs I've been on just about every SSRI' there is celexa quit working my anxiety has increased past four years and now it appears I've developed agoraphobia and I hate day light Xanax worked clonazepam made me agitated and currently taking welbutrin isn't helping I've also tried binaural beats and over counter vitamins for stress reduction if I could afford to zap my brain I would but I have no insurance
JA: Not for this question, but they might if you need additional services. You'll have to ask the psychologist about that.
Customer: That's what I was aiming for but there appears to be a shortage and they tend to send you to a counselor or assistant first, no offense but that was my goal
JA: How long have you been dealing with this? Is there anything in particular that seems to make the symptoms better or worse?
Customer: Up until approx four yrs ago it was mainly controlled MMD with social anxiety now I appear to go crazy for days for no particular reason or trigger at all other than the usual high stress of life and finances which isn't really any different
JA: Anything else in your medical history you think the psychologist should know?
Customer: Dealing with since second grade and I'm 33 now
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  khagihara replied 8 months ago.

In choosing a new antidepressant for patients who fail a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, our general order of preference is serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, atypical antidepressants, tricyclics, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

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