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Ashley Mires
Ashley Mires,
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Internist at Chest & Critical Care Consultants
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I have a disability and find life to be somewhat

Customer Question

I have a disability and find life to be somewhat challenging. The hardest part is being who you are and how people can talk to you or push there agrees or be just plain rude and want to use seeing you with your difficulty as there chance to complain. I have never been a big talker and know that I have become much more out of touch with like everything . Is there a book or web sight that shares ideas for responses for people who have a hard time of thinking what to say. I kinda always knew myself so I didn't feel so awkward about that, but the work place and all the free for all tease socializing styles are not so great. I like to be positive but it seems like I have been bait for people kinda being the opposite. In times of hardship I find my attitude and spirit is what helps pull me thru. I wish I could help rebuild myself and try to memorize a few comments that I could just use quite often that wouldn't seem too strange. I know having words is one way of taking charge of your life, I know I wouldn't be the only person that has a need to learn this. Are there any cool helpful dialogue books or websites out there? I have yet to find a helpful tool. It seems like people know how to define and be and have all there favorite answers and I am the complete opposite. I don't mind that except for the fact I realize I need to try harder to create myself. I guess this might be a project I might try or maybe just not worry about. But finding words in social situatuions might be helpful. Also how to retrain the mind to remember or pick up on new things even when it might not be the interest.Like the awe and wonder and fun of a child as a chance to renew adulthood. Any links? I want the tools to inspire myself.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 11 months ago.

Hi there. My name is***** and I'm an Internist here to help answer your question.

Judging by the question you've proposed to us, I would actually say that your use of wordage and word choice is excellent, as well as your ability to self-reflect, form opinions and think critically. As far as not finding the right words to say in a social situation--I've always had the belief that if you really have to force yourself to fit in with any crowd of people--that's perhaps not the right crowd for you. You might try seeking out other people that you share similarities with--or that suffer from the same disability that you do--whichever it may be. Quick question: were you ever diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder as a child, or as an adult? Just by reading your text and following your thought process, it very strongly resembles that of someone who may have this (very common) disorder. If that's the case, I would say that ADHD can actually be used as a gift for many people. People with ADHD have creativity in ways that others cannot even imagine. However, they lack the ability to pick up new things when they don't find them interesting, as you mentioned. Just a thought! I hope this may have helped you. I found this article for you to peruse.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I would say that being sick with rheumatoid arthritis is very draining but it wasn't until my 10 years in a horrible job that I could perhaps see what you mean by add. Lots of my coworkers have that but I never had a problem until maybe my second year involved in such a boring kinda downer job. It is a grocery store job and people love to see the glass as half empty. My mind does not concentrate as well after all these years and I wonder how long I would have to be free from my job to come back around. Does taking ADD meds permanently change your brain chemistry, do you start to rely on it. I want to ever improve my life and go in a different direction. My sister takes meds for anxiety sometimes but has been told it can make your body reliant on it. She only has it for emergencies. Do you think a small dose for a short while is safe if you want to get your learn back.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I am sorry, I will rerate you. I just had to think on that ADD idea. I have always been not that ADD type, but I can tell changes in me after all I've been thru and know it will take some work to change things around.
Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 11 months ago.

ADHD medication, when taken properly at its intended dosages, will very unlikely cause permanent changes to your brain chemistry. As far as dependency, I would say that most patients become more psychologically dependent on it, rather than physically: If it helps you, you will associate it with success, and therefore may feel like you can't achieve success without it. I'm not sure if they're right for you, but they definitely make someone with a lack of focus, able to focus on just about anything they need to, especially when they first start taking the medication. Unlike, for example, pain medication, you are unlikely to grow much (if any) tolerance to central nervous system stimulants, if taken at their lowest effective dosages, once or twice daily (and not abused, or used recreationally). In my opinion, it is possible to discontinue treatment of ADHD medication and revert back to how things were before you started taking them.

At the same time, if they are useful to you because you actually do suffer from ADHD, they can be ta***** *****-term unless there is some other medical reason or contraindication for which you should not be taking them (i.e. heart problems, hypertension).

Expert:  Ashley Mires replied 11 months ago.

Hi again I hope you had some time to reflect on the conversation that we've had and given it some thought. If I've managed to answer all of your questions I'll greatly appreciate a five star rating so that I may earn credit for having helped you with this matter. Take care and be well and thanks in advance!

Ashley Mires