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Category: Mental Health
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I work for a fast food company. I recently conversed with a

Customer Question

I work for a fast food company. I recently conversed with a woman with a complaint that her food wasn't correct. I didn't handle it well, but bc I didn't check her whole order and she's come in times before with the same complaint I started to think that maybe she's lying. I can find out the truth by going through the trash and finding the bag I threw away and see if the food was correct or not... I know it seems crazy or obsessive, but if I have the power to find the truth and give me piece of mind, even if it is looking through 6 bags of trash, should I? Is it going too far if I do it?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 12 months ago.

You sound like a thoughtful person that believes in people doing the right thing and that is why it bothers you so much. If you can let it all go and just give this woman service with a smile that would serve you best. Even if you dig through 6 bags of trash and find that she is lying, it doesn't serve you well and I am thinking of you and your job. Next time she comes in before her order is given to her, go over it out loud and confirm that the order is correct so she can't do her usual thing.