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My mom is evil. I was told at Siera Tucson in AZ that my mom

Customer Question

My mom is evil. I was told at Siera Tucson in AZ that my mom (they met and extensively evaluated) likley has MbP and that my best option is to keep a safe distance.
My question: outside of the normal behavior of a MbP, she would also do things when I was very young. She told be to put coins in my mouth and such air and blow it out really fast. I Inhailed the coin and I was watching Sesame Street, maybe 3 and half years old. I choked, gagged, struggled then threw up a little and the coin came out of my throat. She just smiled the whole time and made no move to help me.
Another time she had my grandma, her mother visit. Grandma brought a blow dryer and I was sitting on the bath countertop holding it. My mother came in, plugged it in and the smiled and turned on the faucet full stream onto my feet in the sink bowl. She said play with it in the water and then shut the bathroom door with me inside. I was maybe 4 by then. She never was nice so I knew something was bad about the water and sure enough I saw the picker on the cord that showed danger with blow dryer and water. I told my grandma, she told me now I k ow that I can not trust her, ever.
My mother has done so many things like those two examples. She try's to do it in a way that it would look like an accident. Like the time she sent me into the bathroom with ammonia and bleach and came into the small tiny space to close the window and tell me to use lots of both and mix it together, and she closed the door to the bathroom and said do not come out of there until every surface is scrubbed.
I knew something was up because she came into the bathroom and close the window and door and was very specific with what chemicals and what to do. I had really severe asthma.
Only time I wasn't taken to hospital was when I had so much fluid on my lungs from pneumonia and had been sick and bedridden for over a week at home. Asthma on top of that and I'm thalesimic- which is an incurable anemia (coolies). The Kaiser nurse who suction out my airway in the exam room when the pulse ox showed o2 sat at 80 ish and oxygen wasn't helping and I was chocking on the fluid coming up, called an abundance to take me to be admitted and told my mom that if I died she would make sure my mom goes to jail for it.
Anyway, can someone please tell me how or what the attempts to cause great injury or death to me, as in she wanted me to die like it was an accidental death, might fit into? It this a form of MbP??
Thank you, ***** ***** to putting a name on things.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.


I assume you mean Munchausen's by proxy.

In this disorder a parent fakes symptoms of their child, to medical providers.

A parent like this wants their child in the hospital, and will report illnesses that do not exist.

What you describe is more sociopathic behavior.


And other problems.

Munchausen parents do not really fit the picture you describe.

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