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Linda D.
Linda D., Psychotherapist, LMSW, CASAC
Category: Mental Health
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SSDI Diagnosis of Bipolar My medical records have listed me

Customer Question

SSDI Diagnosis of Bipolar
My medical records have listed me as "bipolar type II 296.89" since 2002 when I sought help. I am applying to for SSDI and now question how reliable this diagnosis is in that what if the SSDI reviewer concludes that there is insufficient evidence to support diagnosis.
. Since 2002 I have been treated for Bipolar 2 by 5 different psychiatrists for duration in years of 1,1,1,3 and 4 years. But seems like I am diagnosed simply by saying that my previous doc treated me for it plus a couple questions anyone familiar with symptoms could spew out.
In the three year case the GAF score she gave me was always 55 with once 56 and another 53. However, when contrasted with what was going on in my job, it is wholly incompatible. I was put on short term disability, performance improvement plans, disciplinary actions and eventual terminations but the score stayed at 55. Even her notes described lower functioning levels.
What can I do to increase the likelihood that the bipolar 2 diagnosis is accurate?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Linda D. replied 11 months ago.

Hello Kevin, my name is ***** ***** I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York State. Thank you for reaching out to Just Answer. It certainly sounds like you do not have to be concerned about whether or not you have bipolar given 5 different psychiatrists all agreeing with your symptoms, d/o nor is there any doubt given your work history that your symptoms are impacting your work performance (the primary issue SSDI is conbcerned about). I am wondering a couple of things....did SSDI officially deny you benefits or do they need more proof of disability? If they did deny you, are you going to appeal the SSDI reviewers decision. Fyi, many cities have pro bono human rights lawyers who represent individuals with MH d/o to be fairly represented in appeal cases. sincerely, ***** ***** LMSW, CASAC