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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Currently a binge addict to stimulants and have been for

Customer Question

currently a binge addict to stimulants and have been for past 6 years. I do have an underlying mood disorder. Past hx of diagnosed with OCD, PTSD, ADHD (did very well on stimulants until college actually), and dysthymia. Father has bipolar d/o and hx of drug use. TBI later in life ended illicit drug use, but exacerbated his touch and go narcissism. I'm 28 now and I fear that I'm seeing signs of it now. I suffer extremely with overwhelming guilt, a lot of anxiety about work (past problems with bosses and my sexual orientation). No problems with pills. I've just had to sue a company for sexual harassment so it's always in my mind. I have no motivation, apathy, extreme paranoia that's justified by events or actual information found (like cheating partners). I don't hear voices/see people. My paranoia is my gut, and I've never been proven wrong...or its socially provoked bc of my weight and low self esteem from a toxic relationship I got out of. I am even keeled in mood, no extreme fluctuations, I have extreme rage after much provocation and some possible intermittent explosive disorder? Was told I had some conduct disorder traits. Never self harmed or wanted to die to get someone back. I abuse my meds bc I'm a failure and don't see myself as ever being successful to the point I should be. I barely keep up with ADLs. Shower once every 2 wks. Laundry monthly. Get mail monthly. rely heavily on parents for promoting. I come off very together to others, but I'm a phony. I live in filth, but I love my job and it's the only thing I'm good at. all my ex's have been unfaithful during our long term relationships. I don't date like a serial monogamous, I take time to heal, and I enjoy my alone time. All girls manipulate and are liars and play on my paranoia bc they lie constantly and I always find out. I wanna stop feeling like I'm crazy for thinking things that have a paranoid undertone when in reality I'm questioning everything bc I have done my research. I never do my work on time. I have no will to care for myself, im barely getting along, it's like I exist each day with all his nostalgia, guilt, and I sit and say dream incessantly about the past. I care about every deeply, but am also EXTREMELY apathetic. was in a MVa With LOC and had a TBI in 2007 and apathy and rage/anger got very bad after that time. My memory and personality changed. I feel like I'm always annoying others, and they tell me I am so it's humorous, but I'm also extremely witty and sarcastic, deviant, known as a smooth talker, and can be clnfrontatiknal with a calm tone while winning the argument and breaking someone apart using my knowledge of psych. I'm very gifted and know a lot about that field. That's some of my narcissism, and a lot true as well. I have a smart mouth and I'm a sweet talker. I lie a lot. I steal school supplies and other random things too, it's like an impulse
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have a bachelors degree, have a good job at the top hospital in town working in psych currently. I was fired from last job due to attendance. Job previously I stayed at for 3 yrs and left bc I sued manager for sexual harrassment. First job was at psych office doing intakes and he asked me to quit bc I graduated in psych, and I was a BSN major. He told me they wanted only nurses. I was devastated. He was a mentor to me. i get obsessed with numbers. I always make a noise with nose like I'm bringing my snot back in and then clear/cough my throat (I've been told) not sure if r/t drug abuse. No etoh or other drug use. I always get told I have an exceptionally good voice when crises come and I'm very empathetic, and to a degree I am bc I know how to calm people down and what to say, but I don't care at the same time. I just know I'm good at it and that field excites me bc I'm actually making a difference and I'm good at it. In nursing school a lot of teachers told me I wasn't good and had no critical thinking, but I always got highest scores in clinical bc my bedside manner is actually amazing. I'm just personable and know how to make others feel at ease. My younger friends say I'm really weird, and I agree. I blurt out things all the time, always have. I'm funny, and extremely clever. I'm popular online and they think my sense of humor is weird bc I joke about everything. I'm a nerd too and enjoy tech things and computers. I have a social life and go out every weekend. I try not to drink so I can make sure people stay safe. I have a god complex and date people I wanna fix.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I was physically verbally and emotionally abused by my father from the ages of three until 15. My mom was the enabler and does not knowledge that it was abuse, but states it was her and him doing the best they could.. And my father had a lot of drug problems growing up, and I was always the one to witness them and be around when the cops would come. My dad has the gift of gab and has always been lucky with very nice jobs despite all of the legal trouble he's been in.
Expert:  Schuyler - ANP replied 1 year ago.


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