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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified Physician
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I think I may be suffering from some kind of anxiety, I

Customer Question

I think I may be suffering from some kind of anxiety, I don't really know if any of what I'm feeling is normal or not.
First of all, I get embarrassed about the stupidest things, walking to the toilet sends an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment over me. I got really embarrassed when I was signing up to the gym and my boyfriend came in with me. I get embarrassed every time I get money out from the ATM.
My boyfriend has been trying to encourage me to go out and hang out with his housemates but every time I'm out there with them, I feel sick and I get a tight feeling in my chest. When I come back to the safe space of the bedroom, I feel like I can breathe again. But every time I walk out there again, I feel.. I guess.. anxious. it's such an uncomfortable and almost restricting feeling. I feel like I cant move properly. Like I have to be careful with every step so I don't fall over or bump something or do something to embarrass myself. It almost feels like I'm naked whenever I'm around them. Or anyone I don't know. I'm even feeling embarrassed writing this, every time my boyfriend walks past, I get a tight feeling in my chest and hope and pray he doesn't come over to see what I'm doing. Even though him and I have discussed talking to someone. I have considered seeing a doctor, but just picking up the phone to make the call makes me feel sick. Whenever my phone rings, I instantly feel nauseas and tight in the chest. Then thinking about actually talking to a doctor face to face about this is above and beyond terrifying. How do I say these things out loud to a doctor? I'm so embarrassed just feeling this way already. I have no idea whats wrong and what I should do.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

thank you for this question.

it must not have been easy to write.

you should see a doctor about your anxiety symptoms

there are treatments which can help decrease your anxiety and help you feel less worried in these day to day situations.

there are medications like sertraline and paroxetine and fluoxetine which can help over time if you take them to decrease these anxiety symptoms.

there are medications like diazepam and clonazepam and lorazepam which can help as well

there are medications like hydroxyzine and burspirone which can help decrease anxiety symptoms

you should see a primary care doctor or psychiatrist face to face about these symptoms.

they can also set you up to see a psychotherapist who can work with you with talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy which can help you to decrease anxiety symptoms

regular exercise, yoga, meditation, stretching, running can also help decrease anxiety symptoms as well

you do need to see a doctor face to face to explain your symptoms.

you can print out this question and answer webpage and bring it to the doctors and have them read it and go from there.

let me know if you have other questions.

if done for now, please leave positive rating of 3-5 stars so I can get credit for helping you today

we only get credit for helping clients after positive feedback

you can always reach me directly with "a question for Dr. David" in the medicine or oncology categories if you have other questions

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