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My son is 9 years old: he is in grade 3. At his school the

Customer Question

My son is 9 years old: he is in grade 3. At his school the smart children in the class are separated from the rest of the class for up to 6 hours of the week and go to a "co-teacher" to do extended numeracy and literacy work. The lessons are challenging, as they are meant to be, but he generally does well in them. Unfortunately he does not enjoy them though. he worries about going and the night before can become really anxious about it. This has been going on for 12 months now, and does not seem to be improving. I'm considering asking the school to release him from these classes. Obviously I want him to have opportunities to do well and learn what he is capable of, but I do not want him to be stressed at this age, and I feel like it is affecting his attitude toward gong to school. I would appreciate some professional advise.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.
These :gifted" experiences, while challenging may not always be the best thing for each child. The good news is that he has the capabilities, the bad news, is that it is stressful for him. He may thrive in a less pressured environment and also still receive the extra care that is needed to keep him stimulated. I have plenty of clients with gifted children that have chosen to keep them in the mainstream classes and the kids do great. Just make sure that his stress is not a general stress and that it is related to this added pressure, because we don't want you to make the change and then notice that he has some generalized stress about school. Would he worry the night before about going to school if he stayed in the regular classes? these are the things to tease out before you make any switch. Talk to him and get a sense of it all as best you can from a 9 year old.
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.
Can I support you any further?
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.
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