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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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I've been on Klonopin since late 2012 and developed a

Customer Question

Good morning,I've been on Klonopin since late 2012 and developed a dependency a few months ago on 1mg of klonopin and sadly it simply stopped responding to my anxiety. Long story short, my dosage was increased to 1.5mg (.5mg 3 times per day). Still ineffective. As a result I requested a taper schedule from the two psychiatrists I had at the time. I was told to reduce my dosage by .25mg every week. Both agreed with this schedule. Getting off .5mg was easy but now that I'm at .75mg I'm truly feeling the effects of the withdrawal. I'm a bit weepy, my sleep quality is affected, vivid dreams, increased heart rate (around 85-92 BPM), and sadly anytime I wake up from any sleep I CAN get, I feel an "electrical shock" in my body that goes away quickly. Is this normal? Will my withdrawal symptoms get worse? I'm on Neurontin to help with my anxiety, started Lamictal 2 weeks ago, and I'm also taking an AD. I'm due for my next .25mg reduction on Wed.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 1 year ago.


Welcome to the site.

I am a psychiatrist and I believe I can help you with your query.

Well, the symptoms that you have been exhibiting such as electric shock sensations upon waking up which are self remitting, mood fluctuations that make you weepy at times, poor sleep quality with vivid and bizarre dreams, increased heart rate or palpitations, etc, these are all withdrawal symptoms of klonopin withdrawal and as a positive these withdrawal symptoms are transient and they are going to go away in due course of time as you are done with withdrawing kronor in completely.

So in the midst of withdrawal, now that you are almost half way through you should continue Wi the withdrawal and try to put up with these temporary symptoms which are not extremely serious nor are they permanent and most likely they subside on their own once the drug leaves your body system completely.

I hope this helps.

Wish you all the best.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm also dealing with PMS and awaiting my monthly cycle. Could this exacerbate my withdrawal symptoms? Since I tend to be sensitive to meds, I'm also afraid of getting a seizure or hallucinating. I've read "withdrawal from hell" stories on the Internet and I'm really uneasy. Am I on a safe taper schedule? I just want to be sure this won't get so bad that I have to go to the hospital.
Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 1 year ago.

PMS may exacerbate mood fluctuations but not necessarily , but it may not tamper with other symptoms though. The less you think about linking it with withdrawal symptoms, the easier it will be for you to tolerate it.

No, the withdrawal symptoms are unlikely to get any more severe or distressing than they are at the moment, so do not think too much into it and just believe that it is going to pass on as it is just a phase, this will reassure you and give you strength to to overcome the ordeal, you got to understand that the withdrawal will last for a certain period of time related to the time the body will take to wean off the entire klonopin from the system, so now that you are half way through , just hang in there and wait patiently for the rest of it to pass by.

The current weaning schedule is top notch as is approved by other two psychiatrists, going further slower than what it is right now shall not add any leverage or relief from the symptoms, so stay put on this weekly reduction of 0.25 mg, however, I will like to mention that once you have come down to 0.25 mg dose , you got to take half of it for 1 week and then the same half of 0.25 mg every alternate day X 10 days and then once in every 3 days X 10 days and then stop the drug completely.

So you may be able to understand it better as mentioned below.

0.25 mg once a day X 1 week.

Then 0.125 mg once a day X 1 week.

Then 0.125 mg every alternate day X 10 days.

Then 0.125 mg once in every 3 days X 10 days.

Then stop the drug completely.

I hope this helps.

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