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Randy Davis
Randy Davis,
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Physician at Arlington Pain and Therapy
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I was wondering if anyone knew of any services provided by

Customer Question

I was wondering if anyone knew of any services provided by licensed Ph.D. Psychologists to make therapy more affordable. I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist, but therapy has mostly just been him giving me medicine of which I'm not sure is having any effect. We've been progressing very slowly, I only see him once every few months, and when I do see him he's not much for conversation at all. He mostly just asks me if the medicine is having any effect. I try to proceed down that path with him, but all that does is create a weird atmosphere where it seems like I'm tried to score drugs when really all I want is a solution.
The clinic I'm at right now is a psychiatric clinic which charges you depending on how much you make. Is there a psychology equivalent to that in my area?(I live near Hammond, LA btw if that helps). I'm looking forward to delving deep into my issues and finding out what the issue is and what a possible solution could be, and I figured I would probably need a Ph.D. Psychologist for that and not a psychiatrist. Any suggestions on services that could help me pay for therapy?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Randy Davis replied 1 year ago.

A PHD psychologist will, in many cases, offer any number of forms of psychotherapy (talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, etc.) what genre is preferred by that provider will vary. Having said that, you don't necessarily have to see a PHD to get that kind of therapy. Any number of individuals certified in counseling offer similar services and might be more cost effective. I would recommend looking for a "cognitive behavioral therapist" in your area. Having said that, a licensed counselor or therapist, even a PHD, will not be able to prescribe meds unless they are also MD or DO. If you truly need medications, continue seeing your psychiatrist and don't suddenly stop any psych meds useless under the direction of a physician.