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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1378
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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I need help with sleeping

Customer Question

I need help with sleeping
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 1 year ago.

Hello,I am Dr. Aren and i will help with your query.What is your problem and what medication are you using?What are your physical exercise levels and what is your job?Any other problems with friends/family/job stress?Please give me more information.Thanks.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am currently not taking medications. The VA prescribed me omeprezol for my night mares saying it was a blood pressure med that had a side effect of dreamlessness. They gave me Naprosyn for my shoulder injury pain that persists and sporadic pain in my joints. Sulcrufate for my gastrointestinal issues. Also the gave me topical antifungal creme for rash. I completed the sulcrufate and fungal creme treatment.I discontinued taking the omeprezol after almost 3 weeks because I passed out at work and fell. I was having palpitations and arythmia as well as trouble speaking and had called a few people without recollection of doing so with rather embarrassing issues from the strangeness of my conversation.I contacted the va for a new medicine and the gave me a 6 week period until next available appointment with instructions to discontinue the medicine.Due to the fall I was fired from my job and we had to move. Va gave me a new appointment time with a completely new doc and team. Out of frustration with VA and a concern with safety of prescribed medication I began self medicating with canabis.
canibas greatly decreased my frequency of night terrors and is a wonderful aid in sleeping as well as appetite while having more severe indegestion. (My gall bladder was removed in 07. Appendectomy in 2011) however the illegality of canibas where I live is still an issue and is potentially detrimental my family if i were to be caught. Also it only changes the feel of my anxiety and leaves me anxious over more obvious reasons. It does help shadow or detensify the distraction and noise from the other channels that almost constantly to some degree persist and helps me maintain focus on what I am doing.My sleepless periods I would say I really became aware of them or began to really feel the effects during my 2003 deployment. I started having troubles getting to sleep and then having trouble waking to an alarm. I tried Journaling as my first effort to understand what I was going throu. I enjoyed it and kept one through almost the entire stint overseas but in the end it became something that was keeping me up more.In feb 2004 I met and consequently married my first wife. That was the first time I was aware of my violent sleep. On more than one occasion I struck or kicked my wife while asleep with enough force to shake myself awake. In 2004 I had the first sleep paralysis experience. I was laying in bed and thinking and I felt our cat come into the bed. I remember seeing it's face in low light as it sniffed my face and ears. I tried to shoo it away and found I couldn't move or speak. I felt panic set in and i began to freak out. I watched the cats face become distorted and grin in a Cheshire cat impossibly toothy cartoonist grin. I absolutely lost it. I Bagan trying to twist or pull or anything I could do to make myself move or get my wife's attention. She did wake because I was grunting in my sleep and she woke me cause I was laying with my eyes open. The cat was not in bed with us when I woke up. I felt physically exhausted the next day as if I had ran a marathon.My marriage began to break down not too long after. We got orders to fallon nv which can be high stress in my job at the time and requires tons of attention and hours on base. My sleep spells began to become prolonged in fallon in late 05. I was accused of taking drugs because I would go sometimes 2 and 3 days with no sleep. I also began to notice prolonged periods of severe fatigue where it would take all I could muster to leave the house and all my free time was spent sleepin or resting for as many as 3 days consecutively.In 2006 I had a mini heart attack. I assume from stress and the fact I had began drinking to kill anxiety and to induce sleep. (I was dealing with anxiety late evening and first thing in morning because of fear of waking up late. In the military being chronically late leads to strict disciplinary actions. I was diagnosed with PSVT and they treated the tachycardia by performing abbelation and burning some node with a laser.After the abbelation my heart racing became much better and nearly inexistent.In 2007 I was given orders to a c school in Biloxi ms. A very arduous academic program where we recieved 158 semester hours of collegiate study in atmospheric physics over 64 weeks. My marriage disolved completely during the school and we separated in 2008. I then was moved to Norfolk va as watchfloor personnel meaning we stood rotational watch. 2 days on days, 2 days off, 3 days on night's 2 days off, 2 days on nights, 3 days off. During this time I began a new relationship. In 2009 we became engaged. The rotating watch actually was easier to maintain but my sleep episodes continued and became synced with my watch schedule so that I was only sleeping 4 to 5 days a week most weeks and usually only getting a full 7 hours 3 or 4 times a week while on days and while on nights I would sleep and sleep and be late
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In 2010 my fiancee revealed that she had been unfaithful while she was recently deployed and we separated. I had my first real breakdown of my common wits at that time. I went awol from service and secluded myself from everyone I knew exempt a select few for more than a month. I tried smoking canabis and found it helped. After 47 days of being awol and self medicating I turned myself in and openly admitted my drug use which lead to my discharge in Dec 2010. I then went home to gravette ar. I met yet another love interest and we began dating seriously and we moved in together in her home town of vilonia. In 2011 we found out we were pregnant and she demanded I see a va doctor because I had been violent in my sleep and she was concerned for our child to come. They diagnosed me with ptsd, manic depression, and axis 2 cluster b attachment disorder. I was honest about my drug use and my history and they requested referral but it was almost a year out to my first appointment. Before I could go my fiancee and i decided to move back to gravette because I was having a very difficult time adjusting to civil***** *****fe and was experiencing panic attacks sometimes daily triggered by being in crowded areas or near tall buildings. I have no reason to fear tall buildings but it seemed like anytime we were down town little rock I would have intense fealings of fear and panicking urges to get far away as quickly as possible. Walmart became a late night early morning only visit for me.It was when we moved back to my home town that she again persisted I follow up and get all my stuff moved to the new va in Fayetteville. Again a new doc new appointment that was months away. I eventually went to the er because during one of my down times I sank into a depression like I have never felt. I found myself dreaming of dying and while awake I was seriously considering suicide. But not like I was planning or preparing. But like some part of me was debating with me and i had to argue and convince myself that these feelings were only impulses. But I was losing the argument. I never heard voices but I did experience inner dialogue with responses from somewhere I'm not sure.That too passed after a week or so and only occured that badly that one time. the va began my meds based on my er visit.Recently since 2013 my sleepless periods have become more tiring. As in I feel tired both waking and sleeping. I never seem to rest. I have been incapable of holding down employment. I have been able to be self employed as a general sub contractor but find it hard to keep my appointments and schedule. My other channels have become more prominent. Last night I could actually identify an auditory sensation of music and speech coming from nearly all around me. I know this is not an actual physical experience. I understand that it may be crazy sounding. But I heard dramatic orchestra music that seemed to coincide with sound effects and a voice over much like you hear wit the old radio dramas but I swear it was in Spanish and even recognized some words as spanish from the verty limited spanish that i do know. I have started hearing mumbles. Like a conversation from the other room but I am alone or no where near anyone.I started having uncontrollable jerks in my legs and abdomen just before sleep like my body is trying to keep me awake. It starts as a buzzing feeling near my hips and buttock which rapidly intensifies until I feel a jolt and my body jerks and i feel release of muscles
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I also have found myself occupied with mathematics. I have drafted a different way of doing math and expressing exponential entegers. From Oct 2013 to just last June I worked on it nearly obsessionaly. I designed a way to use the ratio of pi and it's trillions of digits to compress computer codes. Both of these I took to the university of central arkansas mathematics department to verify. But I dreamt these concepts and woke up with them in my head wanting to burst out. There are a few more but they are in ompleted and never checked by anyone.I also have the occasional extended dreams when I am asleep. In these dreams I may experience days or weeks of time. One lasted months and is the inspiration for my sci-fi piece I have worked on since 2007. I am able to perform mathematics during dreaming as well as read signs and even books. At one point in 2007 after my gall bladder was taken out I began trying to dream lucid and control my dreams with a great deal of success. I cannot readily do it anymore.I really need to find a place to start getting some help. The va is too busy unless I'm actually a threat to myself or others which I am not. I do aknoedge that these experiences are internal of my own cerebral fabrication. But I do also recognize a growing isolaton from society. My children and thier well being are in jeapordy because no matter what I do I can't seem to relate to anyone other than my family and I am beginning to sense the onset of my wifes distancing from me. She is taking things personally that i dont know how to communicate any other way. I feel like these things are diabiliatating and increasing in ways that make me uncertain. I have many issues that I need to co.e to terms with. And I know that when I hear or experience these phenomenon that they are sourced within and i may even be self inducing these effects but I be damned if i know how or I'd stop them.Sorry for writing a book. There are much more things that you will probably need and I will gladly answer anything you need even if it's to speak on the phone.Thank you in advance
Expert:  Vakul Aren replied 1 year ago.

Apparently you need expert psychiatric help,this would include medication and counselling apart from the management of the PTSD and manic depression and marijuana use.Online therapy is not the answer in your case.

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