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Dr. Keane
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I am the victim of cyber-bullying by people who hide their

Customer Question

I am the victim of cyber-bullying by people who hide their identities. Apparently, I'm the failure in life and I'm the psycho according to them. They go as far as harassing my friends and bad mouthing me to them and they do other things like spending their time searching the internet finding anything about me that they can to discredit me, make fun of me, and etc.
One of them is supposedly a woman who is (in my opinion) unattracttive and obese. She has a "nerdy" side to her. She takes pride in having over 1000 followers on Twitter and non of them act like she's even alive. She tweeted 3-4 times that it was her birthday and not one of them acknowledged her. She takes pride that celebrities are following her and she creates other fake accounts to harass me so that her main account doesn't get suspended because of her followers. She's ignorant as well. She tried to use it against me with a blog back in 2009 about a woman that I had sex with in trying to prove that she doesn't work as a nurse here in 2015. Out of nowhere, she tweeted that she hates most people. She recently got upset with me because I compared her to having the same mentality as the terrorist in Paris for saying something like that. She then posted a defaming posting about me on a gossip website about me being a stalker, a psycho, that I had flunked out of the Marines, that I try to convince people that I'm a famous actor (which I never do, I state that I'm accomplished because I'm union eligible) and other non-sense. She harasses me saying that I'm stalking a woman that I dated and she tells people that I'm psycho that I never had anything to do with this woman (who she doesn't know nor has never met). She keeps throwing it at me that I'm a failed actor, I failed as a Marine (even though my medical discharge got me published in a very reputable article for what I had gone through. Another guy had issues with her in which she photo-shopped pics of him having sex with other men and she claims that she had victory over him in an internet war and warns people not to mess with her. She makes stuff about me that I never say, like I went to Iraq and I killed Iraqi's and all bunch of stuff that I never even said.
Her Twitter friend, who claims that he's a war Veteran of the Falkland war and that he makes $200G/year is in the same mental boat as her. He hides his identity while boasting how much of a loser I am, how much of a failure I am, and how much he makes and other stuff. This man, if he were a war veteran of the Falkland war, would be in his 50s yet he acts like he's 12. he keeps telling people that I failed as a Marine (even though no Marine would say that about me, especially with what I had gone through), he keeps referring to me as fag, that I failed at everything in my life, and other stuff. He's obsessed with me big time, whatever he finds out about me, he post on his timeline and makes fun of me. I called him out a bunch of times to a fist fight and all he does is post pics of a person getting hit in the face and saying that's what would happen to me. If I say something that he's a cream puff, he puts a pic of a cream puff in his avatar. He's bad mouthed me multiple times to friends of mine on Twitter, because that's what adults do, especially a war veteran.
I want to understand what kind of people they are and why do they do this? I keep telling my friends that they're making up for having a tormented childhood.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

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Hello and thank you for your question. I am sorry that you are having these difficulties with these two individuals, I can understand how distressing this can be for you. Unfortunately I cannot tell you why they are doing this to you as I have never spoken to them nor can I read their minds concerning their motives for this harassment. It sounds like they enjoy hurting other people and spreading lies about them which could be a sign of a significant personality disorder like Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Individuals with these personality disorders tend to manipulate, lie, and harass others often, so that could be what you are dealing with here, but I cannot diagnose them without a face to face evaluation. They tend to enjoy bringing others down as that provides them with control and power, and helps them to feel better overall about themselves, so this could be the motivation by them.