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Ive been researching emotionally abusive parents and after

Customer Question

ive been researching emotionally abusive parents and after seeing quite a few signs i wanted to know if i am actually being emotionally abused.
for years ive just kept it inside until i had enough of my parents, i started yelling back at them when they yelled at me which just brought on fighting more frequently. i have multiple examples right off the top of my head like just earlier tonight my mom came in and said "what did you wear to school" and i just asked why then she told me i had a dress code violation so i told her that it was my hair, one side of my head is shaved and the school doesnt allow it but i dont like how the school likes to tell me how long my hair can be, she told me to fix it and i told her that i couldnt mainly because its shaved and how am i supposed to fix that? she said fix it again then shut my door after walking down the hall she immediately stomped back, threw my door open and started yelling "i am the parent and you are to listen to me, fix it or im going to pull you by your hair that will show you whos boss" (i got this on video) then she kicked my backpack and slammed the door. i talked to my dad later and he said that it was my fault she got mad.
another example is two friends were over at my house this summer and we were just hanging out in my room and she came in yelling for no reason and she wanted my phone. i didnt do anything wrong she just wanted it. so she started threatening my friends and me.
ive been dealing with this longer than i can remember with my dad telling me i should kill myself and my mom calling me an idiot over and over. ive been blamed for more things than anyone could count to. my mom even blamed me for her ulcers
one time my mom got so mad at me she kicked me out and when i went to stay with my friend she told me to come back but i really didnt want to because for the first time my acne cleared up, i had no stress, i was the happiest i could be. usually when my mom gets mad and yells at me and calls me something she comes back the day after and apologizes but then later that day she does it again. ive started to pick up on her behavior and my main concern is if i have kids one day i dont want to be like my mom i dont want to mentally abuse my kids, i want to be the one that helps them and cares for them.
the only time im really happy is if my parents dont come home or im away from them.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for using Justanswer. It definitely sounds like that you are being emotionally and verbally abused by your parents given what you described. Have you considered talking to your teachers, school counselor, or perhaps child protective services about this abuse?