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Dr. Z
Dr. Z, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psy.D. in Clinical Forensic Psychology with a background in treating severe mental illnesses.
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1) If an individual is sedated and put to sleep, is the

Customer Question

1) If an individual is sedated and put to sleep, is the psychic activity affected at the sub conscious level ? and if so, would the brain activity be affected by this psychic activity the same way it's affected in a conscious state of mind?
2) Would a person experiencing episodes of psychosis, with some brain's veins inflamed, be suffering the consequence of the psychic activity even if he or she is in a unconscious state of mind since people with this type of mental condition (psychosis) have higher and more complex or sophisticated psychic activity (psychic frequency)?
3) Could the brain's veins inflammation be reduced by reducing the psychic activity therefor reducing the brain's activity, with some antipsychotic pharmacos?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

*This website DOES NOT constitute treatment and only provides information and advice in a Q&A format. For treatment (therapy and/or medications) you must go to a licensed professional in your area. Please note that anything said here is not private or confidential, as this is a public forum.

Hello and thank you for your question. You are using the term "psychic" in your question which is an extrasensory perception to detect things that the normal senses cannot, such as read peoples minds, see the future, or converse with the dead. For this reasons the term "psychic" is not scientific at all and not involved with psychology or mental health, but more involved with alternative and pseudoscientific matters. So are you referring to psychic in this way or are you trying to use this word in another way that would be relevant to mental health?

Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

In addition, brain inflammation should be discussed with a neurologist as that is a physical issue involved with the brain, not a mental health issue.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand, maybe the term I'm using is not correct but thought you could probably substitute it for the right one maybe "mental activity" not psychic
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

Well I just wanted to make sure I was understanding your question because some people do believe that psychic activity is real. What you are now talking about is mental/cognitive activity within the brain. So lets answer the questions that I can answer for you.

1. An individual's subconscious activity is affected by sedative medications to a degree because sedative medications can interfere with REM sleep and in REM sleep is where the greatest amount of subconscious and unconscious mind activity is established. The activity in the subconscious/unconscious mind could affect the conscious mind, but this will vary from person to person.

2. As I stated before inflammation of the brain is a neurological issues as any inflammation is going to be due to an infection or trauma, so it is not a mental health issue nor should it be treated as such. As for your psychic activity question, it does not make sense, so if you want to rephrase that without the use of "psychic activity" and without inflammation than I may be able to help you.

3. Inflammation of the brain will be treated by a neurologist using non-psychotropic medications or possibly through surgery depending on the location and severity.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thank you, ***** ***** believe there I s a link between the mental activity which, by the way, can't be measured accurately, causing brain's damages this is only speculation at this moment but with observations on a patient who is suffering with this, I'll keep collecting data and do more research on this topic.
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 1 year ago.

EEG determine electrical activity within the brain and fMRI scans can help determine which parts of the brain are active during different situations (e.g. sleep, awake, psychosis, mood swings) or when presented with different stimuli (e.g. visual, auditory, smell, etc...). I agree that modern technology cannot detect all levels of brain activity, but that is because it has not been invented yet and because such activity has not yet been defined yet. I wish you all the best with your research and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns :)

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