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Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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I have PTSD. I was diagnosed once a time ago and probably

Customer Question

Hello. I have PTSD. I was diagnosed once a long time ago and probably would not be able to get those records. I have chronic anxiety disorder. I can function okay and then not so well to the point of needing hospitalization (last time was after my separation
from my husband of 22 years in 2011. I have been hospitalized twice for the same and had to go on disability for the same (once this past June and now again) The bilateral assessment traumatized me. The one court appearance where I had no more money and had
to represent myself traumatized me. I was responsible for two children at very very bad and I felt faint and weak and was having flashback, teary. I don't feel depressed or suicidal but do feel at times like giving up, but won't, as my daughter and even adult
son (21) needs me. cycle of no safety net is stressing me TO DEATH. So, I need to start filling out the paper work as I am going to move ahead with this with the idea that they will most likely turn me down but I will appeal. My question then is: How can I
make the best case for this is your experience? I know I need an official diagnosis of PTSD. I want to do this a thoroughly and carefully as possible the first time around. I can get records and notarized papers with statements from my siblings related to
the abuse. I will ask my Dr but I have the feeling that she sees it as "giving up". I do not see it this way. Life is a struggle for me. I am a Nurse and I am intelligent. But I know 100% that I have PTSD and that many of my issues have and are impacting my
health and will continue to do so. I don't drink or smoke or take drugs. I do yoga, meditate and prayer. I have a support network (limited but some support from one excellent friend and one older sister). No one in my family is willing to help financially.
I don't want to have to get involved with a man to survive, this is what happens and it is not fair to me or to my daughter. If you have any ideas for resources in this area that know the AISH process well, know of a psychiatrist who would understand PTSD
and could do the diagnosing without costing a fortune etc, I would appreciate it. I truly feel that this is no different then someone with other chronic illness' but between stigma etc. Yes, I have been to call the police when he was outside our place and
very angry. I went to an abuse counsellor for two years post separation. I have had accumulative stress related to the divorce, the high conflict in the divorce, recovering or trying to recover from an emotionally cruel husband, the death of my mother from
cancer, the overdose death of my brother, the end of a two year relationship where I was searching for some financial stability as I do not get alimony from my ex and he is a problem with even paying child support and section 7. There is more info but that
is the direction I am heading so any help is appreciated
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The PTSD is from my childhood- watching my father point loaded guns at my mother, hearing my brothers scream in the basement when he was beating them ( I thought he was killing them), watching my father smash my mothers face in with his fists and into the kitchen cupboard. I was also nearly raped by an older man when I was 11 and managed to escape because i kept screaming.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have been to counselling- for 6 years right after my older brother od'd and died. Also for the pp depression. For about the same or more in Calgary for marriage issues etc and stress related to our sons autism and daughters congenital birth defect. And for 2 years after leaving the abusive marriage.
I know I have Post Traumatic stress disorder and I am building a case for getting what is called AISH -assured income for the severely handicapped in Alberta Canada. I am looking at how to build the best case for this. I also have GAD etc. I am not asking
for ways to lie, Im asking about how to present this so that the panel "gets it" so that they understand that while I "look" okay i.e. not in a wheel chair or obviously mentally disabled, that it is struggle for me just to live and to keep going and that the
"stress" is literally taking years off my life (I know I will not live out my full potential life span), I just know it. Any suggestions- and as my other question- I need to get the testing done to prove PTSD, what tests will I need etc as I was diagnosed
by a GP years ago so need new testing. Thank you
I am still raising a 14 year old daughter. Her father sees her once every two weeks and is still abusive, it is complex as more manipulative, very intelligent, no empathy, I would say a high functioning sociopath (no, not diagnosed but this is our reality). I have got to get her to 18 years as she needs to be able to be completely independent because if something happens to me, he will not be there for her as he was not for our son with autism and not for me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry for the jumbled email as I tried to remove some info to be within the word limit. Im basically trying to make a case for AISH (Assured Icome for the Severely Handicapped) in Alberta, Canada