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Dr. Z
Dr. Z, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 10643
Experience:  Psy.D. in Clinical Forensic Psychology with a background in treating severe mental illnesses.
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When does neglect become reportable? Especially if I believe

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When does neglect become reportable? Especially if I believe the mom really loves her daughter?
Dr. Z :


Dr. Z :

I believe I can help you with your concern

Dr. Z :

Hi again :)

Customer: I feel like someone needs to check it out.
Customer: Hi again
Dr. Z :

Yeah this is definitely a form of neglect or child abuse. You can file a complaint with the Child Protective Services in your state and it will be anonymous and they will send a case worker to check it out

Dr. Z :

I would rather err on the side of caution and file the report

Customer: that's what I wanted to know because it seemed the grandma is worried but in telling mops it is the wrong people. We can't do anything about it.
Customer: I wasn't sure it qualified as neglect.
Customer: I'll do that tomorrow.
Dr. Z :

It may not qualify as neglect, every caseworker has their own interpretation, but you are doing something to make sure and there is no risk to you as this is anonymous

Customer: But if there is something to look at, they can check it out. I just think it goes beyond what any of us can do about it.
Dr. Z :

Yes if there is neglect, then they will take the child away and have the child checked out by a doctor and given proper nutrition then put temporarily in a foster home until the parents get their act together

Customer: i think my own husband was thinking I planned to take it on as a project :)
Dr. Z :

Haha, no you just have to call

Customer: but, with the other thing I told you about, I made a friend.
Dr. Z :

What state are you in again?

Customer: TX.
Dr. Z :

Thats right

Customer: I think here CPS is pretty reasonablr
Dr. Z :

So tell me about the friend

Customer: well, to reward their son for losing the weight, they took him to Pizza Hut.
Customer: We talked about other rewards. But I didn't jump on her.
Dr. Z :

Well thats good that you talked about the rewards and it is okay to do that once in awhile, maybe once every 2 weeks as a reward, but not consistently

Customer: I suggested that when he goes down another shirt size, to get him a cool shirt he wants.
Dr. Z :

That is a great idea!! I like that because it involves motivation

Customer: she was the one who told me she felt dumb after doing it to reward him with food.
Customer: and the shirt won't cost more than going out to eat. He also needs all the feeling "cool" he can get.
Dr. Z :

I agree, and while she feels dumb now it is only because it was obvious after it was pointed out to her

Customer: the one thing bad about this area of TX is that sports is so competitive. It will be hard to find a team that will let him play.
Dr. Z :

I agree, but there are leagues out there that are not as competitive and also there are kid gyms or classes that promote exercise and fitness for kids

Customer: the other thing is, right now he's the only boy who comes over. When he's here, he mostly plays with the dog or in the sandbox. Unless we're playing tag or something.
Customer: the family seems really encouraged to find something for him to do. He's watched tv for so long he's not even sure what he likes, but he'll figure it out.
Dr. Z :

Well it will take time, but it is good for him to experiment and have fun :) Try new things

Customer: Just getting off the couch and especially hanging out with real people is a start.
Dr. Z :

Yes I agree it is a start and then he will figure out what he likes to do

Customer: we do have a bowling alley in town. They might like that.
Dr. Z :

Yeah that is fun, not the most exercise, but still fun :)

Customer: nanything is better than just vegging
Dr. Z :

Good point, lol

Customer: especially as he loses weight, more activity will be fun for him
Dr. Z :

I agree, but it will take time. weight loss is a lengthy process

Customer: I don't think he realized how much running around he was doing playing with the dog. He's a springer spaniel so he loves to romp.
Dr. Z :

Haha yes playing with animals will help a lot

Customer: it will take time but it's better a little at a time than some crash diet.
Customer: She asked about getting him a dog but I told her owning a dog is much different than playing with one. Told her what to think about beforehand.
Dr. Z :

Yeah I agree, owning a dog is alot of work, I have one as well, and I think that extracurriculars are better for him to help him lose weight

Customer: it's also a mutual friendship. She brought to my attention that I should be sure of my homeowners insurance having kids over like I do
Customer: i do too, especially since I think he also needs kids his age to hang out with
Dr. Z :

Thats great to hear that it is a mutual friendship as well, that will bring you two closer as friends.

Customer: it's nice to talk to adults
Dr. Z :

I bet it is

Customer: she's also open to trying a crock pot for meal planning.
Customer: what kind of dog owns you?
Dr. Z :

He is a mix of Boxer and Shepard

Customer: TX also has a long sports season since it is pretty mild all year.
Customer: I should say the kids can play outside longer even when official seasons are over
Dr. Z :

That is very true, I am sure this young boy's parents will find some activities that are good for me

Dr. Z :

for him

Customer: thanks for your time and advice. I thought something should be done that none of us could do.
Dr. Z :

Yeah I think involving Child Protective Services would be a good idea and of course I will help you, I am always here to help

Customer: i have a funny story for you about Katyann. I let her go barefoot as much as she wants at home. Obviously, when we go somewhere she wears shoes. Her conundrum is that I let the kids be barefoot if they want. She is trying to figure out if they should wear shoes since they aren't at home. :)
Dr. Z :

Haha, that is very cute :)

Dr. Z :

She is adorable

Customer: I am really not the type to be everyone's answer to problems.
Customer: she is! The things that gal thinks about!
Dr. Z :

You do not have to everyone's answer to their problems, just be there for them.

Customer: but, the other kids are helping. They remind her to look at them when they talk to her.
Dr. Z :

That is nice of her peers

Customer: will she get tired of that? So far it seems ok with her.
Customer: It's what her language therapist wants
Dr. Z :

It depends on they children pose it to her, but I think she will be fine

Customer: that's one thing nice about the age group. Old enough to like to help but young enough to be interested
Dr. Z :

That is very true :)

Customer: they don't spend a lot of time with it. Mostly they play, she watches. It's when they first get there or say bye.
Dr. Z :

Well that is only because she is not interacting with them much, she will in time with the social skills therapy

Customer: So far she is taking to the ot and language therapy pretty well
Dr. Z :

Good, that is a good sign :)

Customer: thanks again for your time
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