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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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My doc ordered lorazepan for my 26 year old son with autism,

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My doc ordered lorazepan for my 26 year old son with autism, for an eye apt. What does it do?
Welcome to the site.
I am Dr. Kaushik and I believe I can help you with your query.
Well lorazepam belongs to benzodiazepine class of drugs and is used primarily as an anti anxiety and stress relieving agent with an additional sedative effect that can be used in cases of insomnia.
In your son's case I believe your doctor is thinking of using the anti anxiety and stress relieving property of this drug because it is quite likely that your son will be stressed out, tense and anxious before and during the meeting with the eye specialist owing to his underlying condition related apprehension regarding social settings which is going to become manifold if the social setting happens to be a doctor' s clinic or chamber.
So I feel it is a wise advice from your doctor who happens to have a good insight about how difficult it can become for some patients of autism to undergo professional meetings comfortably and peacefully, so I believe your doctor is giving a good advise to take a drug like lorazepam preemptively so as to provide a conducive and peaceful environment for both your son and for his doctor to complete the meeting amicably on a good note.
I hope this makes sense.
Wish you all the best.
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