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Dr. Z
Dr. Z, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psy.D. in Clinical Forensic Psychology with a background in treating severe mental illnesses.
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Is it possible that a 2 year old can hear voices?

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Is it possible that a 2 year old can hear voices?
Dr. Z :


Dr. Z :

I believe I can help you with your concern

Customer: I hope you can. I am not as upset as I was a few days ago but still concerned
Dr. Z :

I understand your concern about this, can you describe the "voices" for me that the 2 years old has or says she has?

Customer: She hasn't said she hears them but when her doc asked she said " don' talk about that." Do you need the background of why she had her last visit?
Dr. Z :

Sure the background would be helpful, thank you

Customer: a few days ago she was playing with her doll so I sat down to join her. I found her other doll behind the door and I started playing with it. It was naked and she had marked it up with a red marker. I thought nothing about that. She got upset and told me not to touch that baby because it was dead and icky. I asked her if the baby got sick and died because I didn't even think she knew what dead meant. She said she killed her with a knive and when I asked her why she said she had to.
Customer: Anyway, upon advise I got here, I took her to her doctor. He checked her for both spider and tick bites and drew blood to see if she got into any kind of poison to make her act that way.
Dr. Z :

Yes I am reading your last chat with Rafael

Customer: He was making notes in her chart and she flew off the handle. She tried to take his pen from him. She made a mess of the exam room. He asked her what was wrom
Customer: wrong when she calmed down and she said he was going to write there was nothing wrong with her,and there is.
Customer: she calmed completely down when he told her he just wrote he didn't find any bites. He asked her about her baby that died and she told him what she had told me. He asked if she heard voices that weren't mom or dad and she told him not to talk about that
Customer: he does think she needs an evaluation, but the colleague he called said they don't test kids younger than 3.
Dr. Z :

How were her language and motor developments? Were they delayed at all?

Customer: Her motor skills are slightly delayed but her other skills are above average
Dr. Z :

So her social interactions, verbal/non-verbal language skills are above average?

Customer: for her motor skills he said that if she lays on her tummy and colors it will improve her upper body strength. She slightly more clumsy than kids her age
Customer: yes, most people who know her say she is 2 going on 8
Dr. Z :

What about her emotional intelligence? Is she able to pick up emotional cues and reciprocate empathy well?

Customer: she plays well but she prefers to play either alone or with kids a bit older, 5 to 8 or so. She is also excellent with puzzles
Customer: that is harder to say. She doesn't fight with other kids but she doesn't seem to feel sorry for one that falls and skins a knee or something
Customer: she has some quirks about TV though
Dr. Z :

Yeah I was reading that, she does not like Sesame Street for example because she felt they may trick her, is that right?

Customer: yes, and that a silly cartoon was trying to trick her.
Dr. Z :

What did she mean by this? Did you ask her more details?

Customer: She only watches one half hour tv show a day, and she loves that show and even remembers details about it.
Customer: with big bird it bothers her that they want her to believe birds talk but with the cartoon she got so angry she turned the tv off because they were trying to trick her. It was a cartoon about a car catching a cold
Customer: the headlights were years, ect., and she acted like they were trying to trick her on purpose rather than it being funny.
Customer: eyes, not years
Dr. Z :

And does your daughter display good eye contact when talking to others?

Customer: she hasn't started the terrible twos yet
Customer: not really. She even prefers it not to talk when she's playing
Customer: I don't get how she shows imagination while she plays but has no imagination about cartoons
Dr. Z :

I think your daughter has a disorder called an Autism Spectrum Disorder, but she most likely is high functioning given her intellectual substance of the communication and her fondness of puzzles.

Dr. Z :

These are atypical symptoms, but it does appear obvious that it is a developmental disorder given her age

Customer: ehen she plays with other kids , mostly she watches them. They do the playing,but when they go home,then she plays the way they did when she was watching
Customer: she is just barely 2 and she puts together 100 piece puzzles
Customer: can she be evaluated for that before she is 3 ?
Dr. Z :

I have evaluated that disorder in patients that are 2 years old before, but it is difficult I will agree with that.

Customer: and her own doctor wants her evaluated by someone with experience
Dr. Z :

I think that is a good idea, and I would mention to the evaluator about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Disorder specifically

Dr. Z :

Or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

Customer: did you read about how anxious she is or was in the doctors exam room?
Dr. Z :

These are what I think applies to your daughter

Dr. Z :

Yes I did read about the hyperactivity in the exam room is that what you are talking about

Customer: she has a cousin she hasn't met yet who is autistic
Customer: true to his word, he did the blood tests first and she wasn't hyper in the exam room
Dr. Z :

Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can have hyperactivity issues.

Dr. Z :

I do not think she is Autistic at all, instead I think she has a higher functioning autism spectrum disorder

Dr. Z :

This is very different then basic autism

Customer: she was more anxious than hyper. She isn't hyper at home at all.
Dr. Z :

Children get anxious in an exam room, but with the Autism Spectrum Disorder they can act inappropriately because of that natural anxiety. Also they display anger inappropriately too.

Customer: Would what you expect kind of explain how "scheduled" she is?
Dr. Z :

Like with routines?

Dr. Z :

Here is the most recent criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder by the way

Customer: yes, she doesn't like her routine to vary much at all which is why, I think, that if she had her choice, she would prefer not to have people over at all
Customer: thank you, ***** ***** from our talk
Dr. Z :

Anytime, I am always happy to help. Routines are very important with people that have an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Customer: but she is very helpful with chores around the house.
Customer: i always thought she had a fine tuned internal clock. What your saying seems to fit a lot of how she is.
Dr. Z :

I think her severity is low for most of her issues, but I think her fascination with morbid thoughts (dead) and her anger/anxiety issues can be corrected with intensive and early therapy

Dr. Z :

The good news is that you caught this early and that gives her the best possible form of treatment and success too

Customer: that just started and that was scary to me. Would that also explain why almost all of the way she plays very closely mimics what she sees around her? She watches things like you wouldn't believe, and then her play is almost identical to what she saw
Dr. Z :

Many individuals with a high end autism spectrum disorder watch their peers and others, and then when they are alone they play in a similar fashion

Customer: i feel like we're really on to something here. She is a lot more verbal than most 2 year olds. Will that help with testing?
Customer: that is exactly what she does!
Dr. Z :

Many individuals with a high-end Autism Spectrum Disorder are very intelligent, but have a difficult time interacting with their peers, forming friendships, and understanding empathy

Dr. Z :

So while she is very verbal, is she communicating or just talking at them

Customer: Once she was watching them do road construction on our street, and she played in her sandbox doing exactly what she saw
Dr. Z :

Here is something that will interest you about this disorder too.

  • Have a formal style of speaking that is advanced for his or her age. For example, the child may use the word "beckon" instead of "call" or the word "return" instead of "come back."

Dr. Z :

This comes from this website

Customer: it's strange how she talks. She doesn't chit chat hardly at all, but when she wants someone to understand something like what bugged her about getting shots last, she sounds like she is much older than 2
Customer: Exactly!
Customer: I'm interested in reading these articles. It's almost like you've,e already met her.
Dr. Z :

Yeah so she most likely will qualify for Aspergers Disorder which is still used, but that disorder is going to replaced by the more encompassing Autism Spectrum Disorder in the near future. Still there are a lot of reading materials on Asperger's Disorder if you want to look into it

Dr. Z :

Well I have diagnosed children this young with this disorder and it seems like she fits the criteria well

Customer: let me get started with what you've already sent. If I have more questions later, would it b
Customer: be possible to speak with you again?
Customer: This is only the second time I have used this so I don't really know how it works.
Dr. Z :

Of course you can speak with me again. Just put "For DoctorZ only" before you type your question. Also you can post the question from my homepage too.

Dr. Z :

I understand these two ways are the best way to reach me and I am online a lot usually between 7AM-12AM PST

Customer: thank you so much!
Dr. Z :

Anytime, I am always happy to help. Is there anything else I can assist you with tonight?

Customer: She is my only kid so I didn't know exactly how to understand what she does. Her grandma and I have often wondered about her way of thinking that wasn't quite right, but we couldn't put our finger on it.
Dr. Z :

Well a child psychologist will help you develop a plan for treatment and behavior modification that will help her. This disorder is very manageable and actually many successful individuals have Asperger's Disorder

Customer: you've helped a lot for tonight and I will read and also ask her doctor about testing with this.
Customer: she is a very manageable kid so far but it seems to me like you've given me a key to be even better with her.
Dr. Z :

Anytime, I am happy that I was able to help you and your daughter tonight. I wish you both the best. My goal is to provide you with excellent service, so if you ever have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Customer: thanks again. I'm very happy about this chat we had
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