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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Psychotherapist
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Hai I'm just back from the house of Anubis. Thtat went rapid

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Hai Mark I'm just back from the house of Anubis. Thtat went rapid he.
If she hadn`t phone me the docter (a womwn) should have. But when all the dates lay fest within 1 1/2 day as i thought as i told you his ball was gone an nice cyste further nothing.
She got allot of attention and didn`t let me intervene the docter the
urologe played that game with her. Nothing wrong with half full but
this looks like proxy, she knew more terms than the urologe who told me he had it`s doubt`ts but 4 radiologists were short of cash and pushed it through, while Groningen is one of the best hospitals
in this field in Europe but 2 days for a 2nd opinion as i asked was
to long. She`s nuts to shout to get some words trough and Marnix did`t say much prhaps yhat it was no cancer. The chance for him toe get this is 1/2500 and thw radiologists pushed in only 1/100 it`s
no cancer, not much chan 999/1000 times 1/2500, you wouln`t bet on
anything 1/2500 is very small but they left me complete out. The women docter sits next to the disasters office, so about the same letter will go for her. If the parents have both authority then the
father must consult but she ket saying to Marnix, you1re nearly 17
now boy you may decide with the peniseating balllustive glow in her
eyes. And you cannot leave her live her live and also foresaw that
they will go down thedrain, at school and physically.
I had to go the whole time cause Bordy arranged a three man and 1
bordy installation party of a central heating kettle wit 4 happy endings. That`s the situation now. I told her to ring the GGZ to tell them she has a sex-addict issue, yeah, yreah, she would that
but already gots herself a new Job in Leeuwarden 70 miles away of
course in a hospital. Yummy. It`s criminal this is no disease i said to her 100 $ more and the condom will fall off. She was uterus furior. Online there ar sites where women come out with the same
storie 4-11 hits per day is not uncommon. Now the GGZ began asking me about this cruising. So they sensed something cause the substance bordy was after via tfe director turned out to be B12 and
mine was a B17!Counter me Othello!

I'm not sure what to respond other than that it seems like things proceeding as usual. Is Marnix talking with you?

And if so, isn't that progress?

Dr. Mark
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Marnix is like all other man with bordy peniseater ballcrusher i told the

doc he should have stand firm against the radiologist and bordy and wait. Marnix will not die waiting 4days more eating all the nature gave us but now they are bonded the sisters through cancer he has testoron levels of a 5 years old now , yummy mammy bordy. I saw she tanked gass in the neigbourhoud of Enschede east Holland lower 500 hits 8

cities. I`ll explore further there goes my whole little family. She gets hit

by the pimps or customers i remarked when i suddenly raised my arm and hand. Male docters are fooled all the time by bordy by proxy. Women keep talking to the real patiënt not the inflicted. Better 1 ball

in the hand than 10 in the sack.


Does this mean they did not do a biopsy before surgery?

Dr. Mark
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I just looked at the Cigna website. Cigna is a major health insurer here. I was surprised, but apparently they remove the testicle routinely without a biopsy. Here's the link:

I don't understand why they do not do a biopsy. But apparently here in the US they also routinely do an orchiectomy to remove the testicle as they did with Marnix.

I can only say that I would be as upset as you must be. As a father, of course we would be upset. And we would want the opportunity to demand that a biopsy be done first.

I'm so sorry that this was done in the routine fashion. But we at least know it was the routine way of doing it even without your ex being involved. So, I don't know how much of it was her, given this appears to be the standard procedure.

This just adds to your feelings of powerlessness and I'm sorry. I can only imagine what that does inside to you with your whole history of things done TO you and feeling powerless. I'm so sorry.

I don't want to just repeat, but I have no other reaction: it's really sad and disappointing that this procedure was done. It's frustrating. I can only take comfort in the fact that he still has the other testicle and that he does NOT have cancer.

But it is so frustrating and anger producing. This was unfair.

But you have to be there to help him look at the half full side, because he's got a life to live. I know you seek to be a good father, and that's what he needs right now: to develop his sense of self and a half full view of his future.

I wish you the very best!

My goal is for you to feel like you've gotten Great Service from me and the site. If we need to continue the discussion for that to happen, then please feel free to reply and we'll continue working on this. If the answer has given you the help you need, please remember to give a rating of 5 (Great Service) or 4 (Informative and helpful), or even 3 (Got the job done) button. This will make sure that I am credited for the answer and you are not charged anything more than the deposit you already made by pressing any of these buttons. Bonuses are always appreciated! If I can be of further help with any issue now or in the future, just put "For Dr. Mark" in the front of your new question, and I'll be the one to answer it. All the best, ***** *****

Dr. Mark and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No he`s got no life anymore with testorone of a five year old. When he is really going to understand that she is a fearce and terrible frustrated envious maneater. All hell will break loose. He was fead al This time with me very good in shape but she doen`t care she is only revangefull, a terrible thief, terible coward and a miserable person.

My humanity stops here i'm sorry, clever but she will make a mistake like she in fact did now. Panic is a very bad councelar and both she and the docter overmemacipated dikes. Once she tould me proud that they were so healthy and never had to vistit her if ever one perso desrved to be send to Dachau for bending this health 180'it,

is bordy to be gassed or to become a hangman.


even my mum was for more healthy AS I ALREADY TOLD YOU. Mark we've been through it all i`m no saint MAY BE YOU. There are more and more voices in Holland COMING ABOVE that these people

are not to be held and want ever more attention. I live in a horror movie when i am involved with her and the slowing dying chilren.

Surrounded by lunatics who do not dare to put limits to this very aggersive woman and see what happens, slowly she destroys all what god gave us. She touches her feeling when she gets a terrible beating like in the boo: Wir kinder vom Bahnho Zoo. And i don`t do it

cause she calls her terrible weak friends who also not can control their impulses and don`t belong in authority functies.

She can`t bhelp herself so with Dr. Z. i will finish, she needs far more

stronger stuff than 40 mg. Prozac a day. She lives a completlely unreal live without goals only stealing and destroying in the here and ow witch is a capilist discovery (HenryFord). She walked the streets of Enschede and surroundings let's say an average of € 60,- thus total 36000,- and still she has no money. I agreed with the house docters that the Drenths are inbreads and very stupid.

I'm stuck here already 8 months as a recluse, writing to you for a so-lu tion. But it`s only going worse and worse and worse. Not affecting at ll bordy cause in a sense it was humurous, but when we are getting cut of balls. Then we are in the deep south of America in 1850. Thank you. I already prepared myself to survive this easily cau-se i can enjoy yhis farce, a little handwash and the trea growing at the other side of the lane.

But she must be completely detroyed like Ted Bundy. Wrongly wired and irreparibely. Sorry for these terible words. All we correspondend

through the months will be bundled ontdone frome typical errors, grammatacil, syntactick mistakes and become a let it become a case for students of psych. That some people are irreparebly damaged and rotten until deep in their bonemare as she indeed is literally.

Thank you, don`t try to convice my there`s away out for me easily, cause there is, but for her not and she is destroying these wonderfull great creatures of the great mannitou and that we can prevent. A psychopath has only one house the jailhouse, she is not mad, she is bad, calculating, criminal, callous and a serial killer. No empathy, remorse and thinks only of her only pleasure if any.

THE END my friend Mark.


I understand. All the best to you. Let Dr. Z help you. As you know, I like the mother figure...

All the best to you on your journey,

Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you