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Dr. Z
Dr. Z, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 10643
Experience:  Psy.D. in Clinical Forensic Psychology with a background in treating severe mental illnesses.
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I have been admitted after arguing I was totally miss

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I have been admitted after arguing I was totally miss understood on my actions and texts. But want to keep me for observation I am suicideal they don't even have psychiatrist. On staff how long can they hold me
Dr. Z :


Dr. Z :

I believe I can help you with your concern

Dr. Z :

So it seems like you have been admitted to a psychiatric ward for a possible danger to one's self, which authorities can do under the law. The maximum they can hold is up to 72 hours.

Dr. Z :

But many places, if they are crowded and feel you are not a danger to yourself after 24-36 hours will release you before the maximum 72 hours

Dr. Z :

Now if they still feel you are suicidal or a danger to yourself through self-harm after the 72 hours, they can petition a judge to extend the hold for 21-30 days, but that rarely happens and it sounds like in your case that will most likely not happen at all.

Customer: I'm no in a psychiatric. I'm the er. They have one waiting transport me to another hospital have not even seen a psychiatric If they do move will my 72 hours start over. I also never signed anything about being. Held
Dr. Z :

Now even though they do not have a psychiatrist there, they can still legally involuntarily commit you for 72 hours starting from when they first admitted you. Usually it will take a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed social worker to release you though

Dr. Z :

No it will not start over at all. It starts from the moment they admit you into the ER and they put the "psychiatric hold" on you.

Customer: So you think they transport me and not just let me go after 72
Dr. Z :

Usually they will transport you before the 72 hours, but if they still do not have a transport for you after 72 hours then legally they cannot hold you anymore, unless they get a court order from a judge (where you must have an advocate or lawyer present for you).

Dr. Z :

Some hospitals, especially rural ones, will try to hold you after the 72 hours because they do not have a transport and this is illegal and they have gotten sued for this on many occasions for violating your civil rights.

Dr. Z :

Another thing the hospital may do, will be to do an evaluation through a video or teleconference with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed social worker

Customer: Not sure you said after 72 hrs and do not have transport it is legal
Dr. Z :

After 72 hours if they try to transport it is ILLEGAL.

Dr. Z :

I said before "after 72 hours then legally they CANNOT hold you anymore" That may be why you thought I said it was legal.

Customer: Sorry. Bad eyes no glasses. This just a one time fee
Dr. Z :

No worries, I understand. Yes this is just a one time fee, all you have to do is rate me and it is just a one time fee. But even after you rate me you are more than welcome to ask me follow up questions free of charge.

Customer: Thanks will do. Will get you
Dr. Z :

Is there anything else I can assist you with tonight?

Customer: Thanks will do. Will I get you if I do need advice
Dr. Z :

Yes you can ask follow-up questions to me using this chat after you rate me at no cost to you. This chat will be saved in your JA account and you should have been emailed a link to this chat as well so you can click on that to get back to this question directly

Customer: Thanks will do. Will I get you
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