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Antonio Colorado
Antonio Colorado, Psychologist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 31
Experience:  Anxiety? Depression? Panic Attacks? Phobias? Sexual Problems? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? 14 years of experience.
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I witnessed my mothers death OKMH(NNN) NNN-NNNN

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I witnessed my mothers  death when I was eight years old in 1995. She passed away due to injuries sustained during a freak accident when a semi-truck ran her over. I still suffer from unimaginable recurring nightmares of the incident, and have high anxiety when driving or being driven when weather conditions are not ideal. Is there anything I can do to help lead a more normal life?

Antonio Colorado :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be helping you tonight. Have you been in psychological therapy or psychiatric therapy?

Customer: For a short period of time when I was a child, shortly after the accident.
Antonio Colorado :

Well, I think it is really important that you continue therapy now. I would advice you to go to a good psychologist, one that you feel comfortable with and talk about this problem. I believe you should go maybe two times a month until you get better.

Antonio Colorado :

I haven't finished, will keep on sending you info.

Antonio Colorado :

The therapy will help you with the anxiety. You see you are suffering from symptoms of Post traumatic stress disorder.

Customer: Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX have medical insurance, and would have challenges affording, do you know of any programs that would be helpful in finding such care at an affordable cost?
Antonio Colorado :

It should be a must to go to a good psychologist. He/she will have the tools to help you in the recovery. You see, recovery from this kind of incident requires a long period of therapy. It takes time to deal with it. And if after 6 months of therapy you don't' feel better and you keep having the anxiety when you drive, then maybe you will have to go to a psychiatrist. But for now, I believe a good psychologist will help a lot.

Customer: Or if there are no programs, are there things I can do by myself?
Antonio Colorado :

Well, ask for programs in your community. Usually they even have group therapies that are free. That could help. Look for them in the internet for your city or call the mayor's office and ask if there is any program for people who can't afford a psychologist. Usually sometimes where you work they have the employee assistance program which is free and a lot of employees don't know they have that service.

Antonio Colorado :


Customer: How do I go about finding a psychologist that will be able to help... Or find a "good psychologist" as you referred ?
Antonio Colorado :

Well you could call from the yellow pages maybe 5 to 10 psychologists near your area and ask them how much they charge, or you can go on calling a lot, until you get to one who doesn't charge as much. I mean you could find a good psychologist for 40 dollars an hour. How do you find a good one? Well, ask for references from friends or maybe from reviews. Some psychologist you can find through the internet and sometimes they have reviews from their clients.

Antonio Colorado :

Are you in any way religious?

Customer: I am spiritual, but struggle to participate in organized churches, however I most closely identify with Christianity.
Antonio Colorado :

But believe me that kind of help you should get. You could even maybe get a counseling psychologist. They usually are pretty good and they usually charge less than a clinical psychologist. But not all. Ok, and you believe in God then? and Christ?

Customer: I completely agree, I feel like someone who is more familiar with the mental though/connection processes could potentially be a huge help to me. Thank You.
Antonio Colorado :

So try to ask in your community, maybe the mayor's office, what kind of service can you get and what's the cost. Also, again, ask where you work if they have that kind of service. I mean a lot of companies nowadays are required to have that service benefits for their employees. And get also in tune with your spiritual side. I mean read books of people who have lost their parents and how they have dealt with that.

Customer: I do believe in God, and Christ, and heaven, and hell. I don't struggle with the belief that my mother is in a better place
Antonio Colorado :

Well, that's definitely good that you know she's in a better place. Again, the getting better will take some time, and like learning how to play an instrument it takes effort. So you can't just go once or twice, you have to really dig into the therapy, as long as you like the therapist. You're welcome. Is there any other question you have for me tonight?

Customer: I find myself incredibly jealous of my cousins, whose mothers (my moms sisters) are very active in their lives. As far as the whole coping without a parent thing is concerned.
Antonio Colorado :

I understand and I'm so sorry for that. But, please, then TRY to be good to the ones who are alive and who are by your side. Don't take them for granted. Oh and remember to look also for group therapies. And don't be embarrassed if you go to the group therapies and feel vulnerable. Just open up. That's always good in these cases.

Customer: No I think that is another issue for the psychologist to help coach me through.
Customer: Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX with the idea that this is an issue that I am continuing to deal with 18 years later. Is this completely abnormal?
Antonio Colorado :

No it's not abnormal at all. It's completely normal for some people. Some people can deal with this better than others. You are going to start with therapy and this will help you a lot. It's pretty common that people who go through this trauma feel the same way you do.

Customer: I apologize for the timing of my previous statement, the "no I think..." Wasn't contradictory towards you, it was in response to whether I had more questions... Then I had another question... My luck ha ha
Customer: Thank you very much for your help. I hope the rest of your evening is great.
Antonio Colorado :

Don't worry about it! hahaha. I hope I helped you. I know if you start therapy with a good psychologist you will be much better.

Antonio Colorado :


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