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My son was diagnosed with ADD at age 4. He is now 40. During

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My son was diagnosed with ADD at age 4. He is now 40. During childhood he had learning disabilities also. Ritalin helped for a time then he was placed on Tophrinil (spelling is likely wrong) but that quit working when he was about 20 and since then he's relied on his coping skills he learned and done OK while he was living alone however he recently married. The wedding was rushed ahead by a year and a half due to her Father being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The two of them moved in with her parents to be of help and also so she might finish her schooling. Since they moved in I see my son having dificulty coping with the major changes in his life. They don't have the money or the insurance for him to go to a psychiatrist for medical evaluation but I believe he would benefit from medication again. Our family DR might be willing to prescribe something but we have no idea what might be the best medicine for this disorder today. (I have discussed this with him and he said he tried going back on the Ritalin and it didn't help.) Do you have suggestions as to what medicines are being prescribed for this problem now. Thank you.

Hello, I would like to help you with your question.
It sounds like your son might need an evaluation first to determine if his symptoms are due to his past diagnosis of ADD or if there is more to what he is experiencing. The reason that an evaluation is needed is that he has gone through serious stressors in the recent year with his father being ill, getting married and having to move with little to no income. This can cause depression and anxiety symptoms that may appear to be like ADD or that could contribute to making his ADD symptoms worse. Without treating him for another possible disorder, he may continue to feel worse.
Even without an income, your son can be seen for an evaluation at his local community mental health center. He can get low cost/no cost mental health counseling and medications. He can try contacting his city or county government or the United Way to find out where his local community mental health center is. The United Way also knows other resources in his area that are low cost or no cost.
Also, he can try his local colleges and universities. Many psychology graduate students are available to see people for no cost therapy as part of their requirements for their degree, if therapy is needed.
He can also contact local therapists to see if they do pro bono work or if they will lower their fees so he can afford therapy. They may also be able to help him with finding a psychiatrist.
If he does need medications, he can get them for low cost or even free. Try to look on these sites:
Also, check with the company that makes the medications. They often will help you with low cost or no cost medications.
If it does turn out that he needs medications for his ADD, these are the commonly used medications for adults with the disorder:
Adderall XR
Focalin XR
I hope this has helped,
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