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I had a overnight stay at a hospital because I accidentally

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I had a overnight stay at a hospital because I accidentally took an extra Wellbutrin and developed a brief psychosis which cleared completely the next day. I haven't ever used drugs and no police involvement other than this 911 call I made and 1came with medics. Anyone who asked I always said, no I didn't want to hurt myself, no history of it. While I was psychotic crisis team evaluated me and I revealed some embarrassing things - I couldn't give informed consent to such an interview. Should'nt they have spoken to my health care proxy instead of me - next day it felt like such an invasion of privacy. Should'nt the md have said, given the evidence, lets wait for interview tomorrow and see if she clears

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Hi again, first, I am please to know that you are okay. I know that was a very scary experience to go through and that you felt and were indeed very vulnerable. I can understand your feeling that your privacy was invaded and that you were taken advantage of in your psychotic state; however, the crisis team did need to interview you, not your medical proxy, to evaluate your condition. You need not worry about having revealed embarrassing things to them because your medical history is protected by HIPPA Laws and cannot be shared with anyone without your consent. I will also tell you that when people are psychotic they most always say things as you did, the crisis team is used to and expects that and I am sure the did not judge you. I hope this helps ease you mind. Chat back if you have any questions. I am leaving the site for dinner but will reply when I return. If we do not chat again, I wish you all the best, ***** ***** Eleanor

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Here is extenuating circumstance. I am a mental health professional who occ. works with cris team. A young clinician interviewed ame - I'm sure she looked at medical records in my chart wherein my md characterized my presentation as being psychotic For this one md visit. I was explaining to my dr. A trauma reaction I had to a past trauma, describing for her how some unintegrated material was manifesting itself. The md misunderstood and thought that I was living through right there and then what was intended to describe a trauma symptom. Of course I wasn't psychotic - I went to work afterward. Certainly I was distressed speaking of my trauma but now it looks like I went through a psychotic episode - very bad and inaccurate for peers to be reading and I know clinicians within an agency can read my evaluation even if there isn't a need to know. I am in the field and know how things go. i am quite unhappy with this misrepresentation. It can impact future insurance coverage too. And my reputation. What can I do?
Hello again and thank you for the additional information. It is certainly a pleasure to assist another mental health professional. I definitely understand your concerns. As I am sure you know, medical records cannot be altered. Even if you had a psychotic episode, it would have been induced by additional medication; I am sure you do not have a psychotic diagnosis and your insurance coverage should not be effected. I think it would be a good idea for you to ask to review your records of that brief hospitalization. In black and while it may not actually be a bad as you are imagining. And even if it is not good, at least you will know exactly what you have to address. In the latter case, I would take a copy of your records and see a psychiatrist who after evaluating you and the records of what happened could write a letter of clarification for your file and copy you to use as needed. I am not an attorney, but do not believe you have any legal recourse here. But, of course, consult one if you wish. We actually have a legal category here at Just Answer. And try not to worry, the fact that you had this experience makes you a better mental health professional, more compassionate with your patients, I am sure. Take care of yourself, Eleanor
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you again. While I do have a dx of depression and anxiety - the depression is under complete control and the anxiety, while better with meds is not under complete control. Both my psych provider - a rn practioner and my therapist both stated they knew I was fine, even if stressed and not psychotic in reference to that md visit.. So perhaps the two will write an eval. There is a less than satisfactory legal way here in ma to do something which is along the line of an amended record. I'll try that too. When the police and paramedics came, they didn't know I had a flood downstairs and had to bring many things to my main living area - in my record - which I did get, it states my house was unkempt and in disarray. Incredibly embarrassing. I'll get my repair people to write a letter about it as they also caused the flood and were working all over the house. That too is important to me to clarify. So much other inaccurate stuff - I'm a smoker, which I am not, etc. this is my last communique. I am mortified I was ridiculous in the ambulance -this is a college town - the police operate, tho its understandable, that if u act that way it's either illicit drugs or alcohol. I occ. work with the police! It's all quite awful. In my record the md speculates about possible drug abuse. Thanks so much
  • You are very welcome, my pleasure to help. I am truly sorry you are having to deal with all of this. Yes, do all you can to clarify for the records what actually happened. If I can be of help in the future, simply place "Ask Eleanor" at the beginning of your new question. All the best in getting this resolved, take care, Eleanor
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