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Ask Eleanor
Ask Eleanor, Psychotherapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Marriage & Family Therapist/Prof. Counselor for 20 years
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I am having an isolated life because I fear someone years

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I am having an isolated life because I fear someone years ago hacked my identity and is posting something about me. Tonight I have decided to go to a place where the waiters started making ness like wolfs at me and saying things looking at me openly(I was the only customer). It's the only incident I feel confident to go and ask what the hell was that about(other times it's not so open or it's strangers). I am scared but I feel I need to do it to find out and do something about it. Any advice? Thank you!
Ask Eleanor :

Hello, I am here for you and am happy to respond. Give me a moment to carefully read over and consider your question.

Customer: Hello, ok thanks
Ask Eleanor :

I am very sorry to hear that you are living a life of isolation; I know it is very depressing. It does sound like you are experiencing some paranoia. I would not ask the waiters to explain what is going on with them as you don't want to get into an escalating situation with them. Best to let it go and try to enjoy your meal. ....continuing......

Ask Eleanor :

As you are feeling so down, binge eating and isolating, it is very important that you get some professional help. Don't be discouraged that previous therapies have not helped. Go to the following website where you will find a lot of information about psychotherapy in the UK and will be able to search for therapists where you live: I would begin with finding a therapist ASAP and then he/she can evaluate your medication and refer you to a psychiatrist for any change that may be needed. I sincerely ***** ***** helps. Chat back if you need anything further. I wish you healing, take care, Eleanor

Customer: Thank you
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Hello again, I have switched our communication from Live Chat to this Q&A mode because we are having site problems and I could not see your response. You may still ask a follow-up question here in Q&A if you need more information. Just wanted to let you know, Eleanor