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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1768
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Dear Dr. Keane I was speaking to someone about that training

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Dear Dr. Keane I was speaking to someone about that training I was telling you about because I sort of was under the impression it would have happened by now from what I was told. Obviously things changed a bit and need to be discussed further, no problem there. It's the fact that I actually phoned to make sure that I wasn't being forgotten about. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Nothing was said except an explanation for the delay, then later more work schedules, so all good. Perhaps it's because I don't often do things like that. It wasn’t until afterwards that I felt bad about chasing it all up, seeing where I stood, making sure that what was agreed wasn’t forgotten about. I sort of feel like it may have been wrong of me to feel so anxious, especially afterwards. I know that what I did was something good and the easier option would be to have sat back and not done anything about it. At times I do wish I could just take the easier options, but I equally know that then I would not grow or experience things or get anything done. I hope that we catch up in chat some time soon. I understand though that you've had a busy work day. You asked me if I was still writing (I am sorry that I forgot to answer that). I have not written in awhile. I told you I would tell you about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I went to. that you said you were looking forward to and I ran out of time to tell you properly before, sorry. It's the largest arts and cultural festival in the world and runs every year in August. People come from all over the world to see it and to take part in it. There's comedy, drama, dance, song and street entertainment. People who are now famous started out at this festival as they began to carve out their careers. You actually get a mixture of new performers and established, famous people taking part. There is also book and international festivals that run at the same time. Venues are all over the city, in theatres, pubs, marquees, halls, speigal tents (they are famous and ornate, very unlike any ordinary tent). I saw a comedian from the USA and then a presenter/author/comedienne from over here. I got to meet her afterwards, which was fun and special. I hope that we can catch each other in chat. If not, I certainly look forward to your response and hopefully chatting another time if you are still very busy.
Dr.Keane : Hi, I am just checking in, pretty busy as well today but wanted to respond to your experience calling about the training. You should give yourself a pat on the back for being assertive, that's great. You showed initiative by calling, they know you are committed and that's great. You should not feel one iota of regret about making the call, it was actually a very smart thing to do. It says you are here standing by but I cannot spend time here today. sorry
Dr.Keane : check back later if I can



Thank you so much for taking time to respond, even though you are busy. I really appreciate your time today.


I have had a think about what you have said and your encouraging words have helped me to feel less tense about it. I am very glad that you wanted to respond to my post. I hope that you are having a good week, although busy by the sounds of it.

Dr.Keane :

Hi, it's Saturday and thought I'd just check in to see if I could catch you, didn't think you'd be here, hope you are out having fun!


Hi, I am so sorry to have missed you. I was out to dinner with family tonight. I can sometimes be here on a weekend. It was very nice that you thought to check in case I was here. I can be here on Sunday if you are around. I hope we can chat soon.


I will probably not be quite as busy doing things most other weekends for awhile, although never know, but do have a smart phone now, but I needed to charge it. As I say, I hope to chat soon and I hope that you are also having a good day today.


I have to go offline just now, but if you do decide to be online and check here, then I have the post set-up so that I should get a text alerting me to the fact that you are here and typed a sentence. I should be able to get access on my phone and do chat from there. It may take a moment to actually connect. I'm still working my way round this phone, but I will. It's a pity I missed you on Saturday.


I hope that your weekend has been good and that you've managed to have time to do something fun too. Hopefully we'll both be able to chat soon.

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