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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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I have a problem of bedwetting since childhood, I am now

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I have a problem of bedwetting since childhood, I am now 22yrs. I have tried a lot of things but none has worked in stopping me wetting the bed. Pls I need your help

Greetings !

Welcome to the site.

I am Dr. Kaushik and i am a psychiatrist and i believe i can help you with your problem.

Well bed wetting which is clinically called as Nocturnal enuresis in most cases self limit itself by 3 years of age and approximately only 15 % children continue to bed wet after 3 years of age which becomes a matter of concern for many parents and among these many still stop bed wetting by adolescence. So in cases like yours where bed wetting has progressed to adult life the causes can be physical or organic and psychological Since you have already consulted a neurologist who has already ruled out any organic reasons behind this bed wetting so the most plausible explanation behind your bed wetting seems to be psychological , mainly emotional reasons which date back to your childhood. It is quite often seen that those kids who had felt insecurity and emotional coldness from parents during their innocent childhood years tend to express their parental neglect and dejection through bed wetting which often continues till late in their lives since this emotional complex of deficient parental warmth and affection gets instilled deep into their subconscious mind which every now and then gets expressed through this bed wetting. Now you may be having this reason which needs to be thoroughly probed for confirmation.

Well this concept explained above may be hard for you to understand, so we shall progress to the treatment part of it.

So far you have tried what is termed as Behavioral conditioning devices such as alarm/ buzz and you also must have tried curbing on fluids before bedtime and using forced bathroom breaks in the middle of night and prior to sleeping but to no avail.

So now after trying all the necessary and usually useful strategies which have come short in satisfying the desired results i suggest that it is about time for you to try a combination of Drug therapy and counseling.

What you can do is that you can seek prescription for a drug from your family physician called as Elavil ( amitriptyline ) which is primarily an anti depressant but also finds good success in relieving nocturnal enuresis aka bed wetting. You got to start on a low dose first of this drug such as 10 mg at bedtime and after 1 week upgrade the dose to 25 mg at bedtime and continue on this dose for another 2 weeks after which you may further up the dose to 50 mg at bedtime and continue on it for 1-2 months. You shall start experiencing results in terms of control over bed wetting within 3-4 weeks of starting on this drug but for full control you shall have to take this drug for at least 3-4 months. The results will initially come to the fore with your bed wetting becoming irregular and thereafter reducing in frequency as more days pass by.

Along with this drug therapy as mentioned above you shall also seek consultation for a clinical psychologist who shall evaluate you for presence of psychological component behind this bed wetting and once this is confirmed the psychologist shall start you on therapy/ counseling to resolve some emotional / psychological problems which have been associated with this condition quite naturally eluding your conscious awareness about the same but this shall be eventually helpful for you to overcome this condition for once and for all.

So kindly do the needful and i am quite confident that this strategy will pay rich dividends in terms of solving your problem but i must address here that you got to keep patience and try to be perseverant in your endeavor to achieve full remission of your long standing condition.

I hope this helps.

Wish you all the best.

Please kindly leave a Positive rating if you are satisfied with the answer.

You shall again contact me after 1- 1 and half months of starting on the above described treatment modality so that we can discuss future course of action if at all needed by then.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** saw the urologist( surgeon for urinary tract) he prescribed amitriptylline 25mg which I took for about a month. The bedwetting stopped but returned after about 3months. I hope there is no problem with me taking it again since I've taken it before. Thanks once again for helping out, it's really an embarrassing issue

I can understand that you are embarrassed regarding this issue but believe me you have a good chance of getting past this condition but you need to take this drug for a longer time than last time , that would be around 3-4 months for complete non-relapsing relief from this condition.

I hope this helps.

Please kindly leave a Positive rating if you are satisfied with the answer.

Take care.


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