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ATTN: Kate McCoy: Follow up to my last. If you remember, my

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ATTN: Kate McCoy:
Follow up to my last. If you remember, my gf was on vaca in Paris France. She was traveling to Spain, to the site of the train crash. I panicked as I thought she was on board...found out later she wasn't!
She almost was annoyed I was over-concerned but finally called from there to tell me she was fine.
I contacted her 2 daughters via Facebook to inquire as well as her 2 best friends.
To make a long story short...I was a bit annoyed too and went out with a buddy and 2 female I became FB friends with my gf's daughter who is 29, she probably saw a photo of me out with my female friends out on the town in Chicago. Finally, yes there is a question: Would the daughter have mentioned to my gf of my photo on FB? I wonder because suddenly my gf is sending me more emails than the past...thanks again so much Kate and I look forward to your reply.
Hello, it's great to hear from you!
It is very possible that your girlfriend's daughter mentioned the photo. Your girlfriend's daughter more than likely feels closer to her mom than she does with you, even if you are friendly with her. She is going to be loyal to her mother above most people. Unless your girlfriend's daughter was concerned with hurting her mother by telling her about the photo's, then it is likely she did tell her about them, or even that your girlfriend saw them herself.
If your girlfriend does know about them, it may have two possible effects. One, she would become angry/jealous and hurt and pull away from your relationship, or two, she would see what is going on and feel the need to try to steer your attention back to her. And if she is sending you more emails, she may be trying to get your attention again.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Kate:

My gf comes home tomorrow from Europe. I guess her daughter told her about the photos. I got her 'attention' as I had 3 emails from her in a single day. Also, we asked me if I had anotther 'gf' .

We even had a spat over me waiting til next week to see her. My work schedule conflicts with her sleep time...but we've made up and I have left 3 plants and a dozen roses at her front door....she's much happier am I!

I just wanted to thank you very, very much for your advice/help/expertise!!! It's comforting to know that are true professionals in the World willing and able to assist other's when in need of help! Again God Bless you for your work...continued success young lady!


Thank you for letting me know what happened with you and your girlfriend. It is great news that things have worked out and that the both of you are happy together!
And thank you for your kind words! I appreciated hearing them and that you took the time to write to me. May God bless your relationship. My best to both of you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Kate we met last night. She had just gotten home from Europe. 2 major concern. She said she wanted to see me but also to avoid the drama of home and kids. So we met. Came to home to meet my son. We left to have dinner. At dinner she mentioned a British couple she met gary who became her Facebook friend she said was married. Lie #1. The guy says he has a gf on fb not a wife. Why did she lie? I asked my gf and says "he is taken. " I plan to have a "heart to heart" with her later today. How shall I approach her? I am ready to end the drama tonight. Thanks in advance for yor help.

It looks like there are two of the same questions posted. I am going to head over to the new question since we need to start with a new one anyway as per JA rules. I hope that is ok.