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A co worker of mine, Dave, 46, committed OKMH0724217

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A co worker of mine, Dave, 46, committed suicide a week ago and it has affected me more than I thought it would. I am a zookeeper at the Honolulu Zoo. Dave shot himself in the head in his home. He lived by himself and he had been out on workmen's comp for back surgery for over a year. He wanted to come back to work but the zoo would not let him and he was mad about that. We are city employees so the city was wanted to retrain him to do something else within the city that did not require so much lifting and physical work. I talked to dave two weeks ago when he stopped by to chat with the keepers. He seemed happy and was volunteering with the coast guard learning how to drive boats. He was mad though at the zoo for telling the city that he could not do the job of zookeeper anymore. I keep seeing in my head a picture of dave crying sitting on the floor with a gun to his temple. Are suicides usually committed when people are angry. I just need to figure out why he would do that.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

The reason(s) that someone commits suicide vary. It depends very much on their personal circumstances, though their past and even the amount of support they have in their life can also be a major factors. Because of the variety of factors, it can make is very hard to know exactly why even if the person was open about their issues.

Some of the reasons someone would commit suicide include:

A mistake such as an overdose of drugs

In protest or a statement of a moral or ethical issue such as suicidal bombers

A terminal illness to prevent further suffering.

As a way to strike out at others in anger and pain.


It sounds like your co worker might have felt depressed and angry enough at his circumstances to commit suicide. But most people who seem to commit suicide because of current circumstances in their life may already have issues going on that affect their decision. For example, it is possible that your co worker was already depressed before his job situation occurred. He might also have had other circumstances in his family or in his life in general that added to the situation. So it probably was not just his job situation that caused him to commit suicide.

It is important that you do not take on the responsibility of what happened to Dave. Even with a lot of help, your co worker might have still decided to commit suicide. Many people are surrounded by others who help them, including those seeing therapists, and they still follow through with hurting themselves. If you feel that it is a struggle to deal with his death after a few months, try talking to a therapist to help you work through your feelings.

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