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I agree with the "better than others" part, so why commit

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I agree with the "better than others" part, so why commit suicide? The problem is, I am down one diagnosed psychopathic spouse if she delivers on her threat. Rage isn't a risk, she is cool as the other side of the pillow. But she has threatened it to see if it works, and it never has worked, I never agree to do anything she tries to get me to do (like live together again) by threatening suicide. So there she is, down at the beach with a gun, and me up here telling her I will never move in with her again. Think she would pull the trigger? It is going to hurt. I know she does not like pain.
Sorry, I had to step out for a moment.
It sounds like she is using suicide as a threat rather than as a way to express rage but she is on a very fine line so it could be possible for her to follow through. If someone who is a psychopath becomes angry enough at not being able to control another person, they can follow through with suicide. It depends a lot on how much she wishes to control you.
I'm not sure how much you want to be involved in her situation, but it sounds like you have enough to try to 302 her. To file a 302, which is an legal document ordering an involuntary commitment for inpatient mental health treatment, you can contact your local ER. They will provide instructions on how to file the 302 and either have you transport your wife to the ER for an evaluation, or they will send the police to escort her if she is not willing to go or you feel unsafe bringing her. The person seeing the behavior must be the one to file. No one else can. Your wife would be committed for a period of time, usually 72 hours then her case would be re evaluated by the doctors and courts. They can either keep her for a longer time or release her for follow up with a local treatment center. This is a good option if you are unsure if she may follow through. This allows the doctors and mental health professionals assess her to see if the risk is real.
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Thank you so much for your generosity! It is very kind of you. If I can help in any other way, please let me know.
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