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DrPsychologist, Doctor
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  I am a licensed psychologist with over 10 years of psychotherapy experience.
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I know I suffer from bipolar manic depression I have been to

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I know I suffer from bipolar manic depression I have been to the local community mental health teams who think I'm fine but I have had 3 episodes were I have been high and low, even once I was section in a psychiatric ward for 7 daysfor attempted suicide but my local mental health team won't help me or say you seem fine to us at this point but they don't see me when I'm feeling high or low, what can I do? Please help

DrPsychologist :

That sounds frustrating. What about a second opinion from another community MH program? Have you discussed your concerns with your current team?

Customer: No I went to my local team twice I don't know we're or who to go for the right help, can you point me I the right direction.
DrPsychologist :

What is the closest city/state to you? Do you have insurance? Which carrier? Do you want to go through your insurance or pay privately? I will give you referrals once I hear back.

Customer: I live in east London, no I have no private medical insurance I'm just on the nhs, I have no insurance and can not afford to go privately.
Customer: I live in east London, I have no private health insurance, I'm just whith the nhs I can not afford private treatment as I am on e.s.a employment support allowance benefit only have like 2 thousand pounds in savings which I might need for a emergency so I can no way afford private medical care I'm beginning to feel the low phase of bipolar disorder which I'm so scared off becuse last time I try to commit suicide, I just do not know what to do to get a official diagnosis, please help me as I feel very helpless right now and fear my condition is going to get worse.
Customer: J
Customer: I live in east London and I have no private medical insurance I am on state benefits.E.S.A employment support allowance, I only have like 2 thousand pounds in savings and am keeping this for maybe some kind of emergenciy, I really don't know what to do as my condition is getting worse, and I'm falling back to the low phase of my bipolar disorder, please dr I really need help as I would hate to commit suicide . Thank you
Customer: I live in uk England and nhs I free national health service which can be good and bad at times, but the best would be private which I can not afford in my condition I just need some serious help some body who understands and can give me a official diagnosis, please doctor I feel your my last resort I beg you give me some good advice which you have researched I will leave you a tip of £250.00 please just give me the right advice or guidance. Thank you so much I await your answer.
Customer: ???

Have u answered my question or looked into my question doctor?

Customer: ???
Customer: ????
Customer: I await your answer I leave you a tip of £250.00 thanks docter
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