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My psychiatrist of over 10 yrs told me today he would not keep

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My psychiatrist of over 10 yrs told me today he would not keep me as a patient if I did not get a colonoscopy; because he reasoned that meant he failed me as my doctor. I am 55 with Major recurrent depression and panic disorder. I am on Klonopin 1.5mg for 10 yrs and Wellbutrin Xl 450mg. I feel as if he is abandoning me just like all the men in my life have done. ( My Dad and two husbands.) I am sad and afraid now that I will not be his patient and my disability payments will be stopped if I cannot find another psychiatrist. Why would he do this to me? We have a good rapport, and I have been getting better every year. I felt happy this morning and after that visit I feel so so sad. What should I say to him? I don't want a colonoscopy, I am addicted to Klonopin and I have asthma. I don't want to be sedated. I am healthy otherwise. Please advise as a second opinion on what I should do. (Be forced to get the colonoscopy or try to talk to him.) Thank you.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your problem.

Your psychiatrist should not be forcing you to get a colonoscopy. Your choice as to whether or not to get the test should be yours alone. A doctor is allowed to suggest you get the test, but not make it conditional for treating you, especially in psychiatry. Your colonoscopy is not tied to your treatment with your psychiatrist. It would be different if you chose to not take the medications he prescribed or you refused to come to your appointments. That is directly tied to your treatment. But a colonoscopy is a personal medical choice and your psychiatrist should not be dictating your medical treatment. This sounds a lot like the doctor is either trying to control you or he has a personal agenda that he is pushing with you.

You can try talking to your psychiatrist about how you would like to make your own choices about your medical treatment. Tell him you prefer that he continues to treat you for your psychiatric issues only and you are going to let your medical doctor make any recommendations about your medical treatment. Let him know how much his rule is bothering you and that you do not feel your choice about a medical test should impact your psychiatric treatment. Hopefully, he will see that this issue needs to be dropped.

If he refuses to let the issue go, then you might want to consider reporting him to the medical boards. You can tell them what he has said to you and see what they recommend. This may be an ethical issue and the medical boards can tell if you if you have any grounds to file a report. Here is a link to help you:

You can also speak to your regular medical doctor and ask his/her advice about your next step. They may be able to help you by talking to your psychiatrist about this issue.

You can also talk to your medical doctor about a referral for a new psychiatrist. Although you have a great history with your current psychiatrist, this issue shows that there are some potential problems with how he is treating you. Searching for a new doctor can help you feel less anxious about where you can go for your medications.

I hope this has helped you,
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