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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  MD Psychiatry
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Hello I am a college student and I have had some problems focusing.

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Hello I am a college student and I have had some problems focusing. About 6 months ago my doctor prescribed me ritalin, but I did not like the side effects. I then tried Adderall, but I still could not stand the side effects. I have recently been taking a combination of ephedrine and caffeine, the effects are more subtle than the former two medications and I have almost no side effects! I have been taking it for about the last month and I have noticed an increased productivity in my studies. My main question: Are there any side effects from the combination of these chemicals? Are there any serious long term effects from this combination? I realize that ephedrine is similar to an amphetamine, therefore Adderall, but I have not noticed any serious side effects. I am also aware of the side effects associated with the 'ECA stack' used for weight loss, but I drink plenty of water, and I do not take anywhere near the dose for weight loss. I only take about 25 mg of ephedrine in the morning along with a large cup of coffee or 200 mg of caffeine.

Greetings !


Welcome to the site.


I am Dr. Kaushik and i believe i can help you with your query.


Well, while I understand your predicament and your desperate need for something to help you in sustaining your focus and concentration in your studies but may I take this as an opportunity to tell you some important facts about the combination which you may have to deal with later on if you continue to take this combination for too long a period.


You see this combination may not have any serious side effects when you take it for brief period like a few weeks or so but if you continue to take it in a regular pattern then you may develop below mentioned side effects which shall be compromising your overall health.


-- Insomnia ( lack of sleep ) which invariably effects one's performance and output.


-- Restlessness


-- Anxiety


-- Tremors


-- Stomach upset and acidity


-- Agitation


-- irritability


These above mentioned are some common side effects which can be expected to develop if you prolong the use of this combination beyond 3-4 weeks.


So I reckon that if you are finding this combination useful then you may continue on it but only until you are preparing and taking exams because too long use of this may lead to development of some of the above mentioned side effects which will effect your performance and more importantly your overall health.


Secondly I may mention to you that there are other alternatives to this combination and to the previously used Ritalin and Adderall which are effective yet relatively safe drugs and these include Strattera ( generic name -- atomoxetine ) to be taken at dose of 20 mg two times a day 8-10 hrs apart to begin with and then raising the dose to 40 mg two times a day. Another alternative that can be used for enhancing your performance is called as Modafinil/ Provigil to be used at dose of 100 mg two times a day.


So there are other safe yet effective options as listed above to cater to your cause so why do not you discuss them with your doctor and take a decision on trying one of them instead of this combination which may lead to an impending set of side effects if used for too long or else you may keep these drugs as back up options in case when you find yourself that the current combination that you are taking is not that safe.


I hope this helps you to have some more options at your hand.


Wish you all the best.


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