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JaRee1993, Mental Health Professional
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 180
Experience:  Licensed to diagnosis and treat mental and emotional health issues of adults, adolescents and children and pastoral counseling.
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Hi, my name isXXXXX want to have cognitive/learning assessment

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Hi, my name isXXXXX want to have cognitive/learning assessment and other psychological test to know what sort of psychological service or treatment is essential to assist me back to healthily happy life.

JaRee1993 :

Hi Alice, My name is Ja`Ree and I am a mental health counselor.

JaRee1993 :

I understand that you have done some research to find the assistance that you need. Have you talked with a psychologist personally about having some testing and evaluations completed to assis you with the help you are seeking?

JaRee1993 :

I would like to assist you with finding the answer to your question, however, I would like to talk with you further to try to determine what would be the best answer for you. There are many psychological tests out there that will assist with finding the best diagnosis and method of treatment, however, it is best to find a psychologist to administer the tests, interpret them, evaluate you and offer you the best method of treatment. If you would like to talk with me about how to go about getting the assistance you need please reply to my message and I will respond as soon as I see your reply. Thank you for contacting Just Answer. JaRee

Customer: I have never spoken to a psychologist in the past
Customer: Can you please assist me the direction that I should approach or what sorts of introductory test that I should take for diagnosis problems
JaRee1993 :

Would you mind sharing what is going on for you that makes you think you need to have psychological testing?

Customer: Sure. I was suffering very bad in depression along with anxiety and psychosis in specific location. I went to a doctor for referral. The doctor reefer to to a neurologist in latter appointment.
Customer: I did some research online and feel that I need psychological test to assure that I don't have critical mental illness
JaRee1993 :

Depression and anxiety are very difficult to deal with on your own. Did he prescribe any kind of medication to assist you with the symptoms? I would recommend that you find a local mental health agency to have an assessment by a mental health counselor who will be able to determine what treatment recommendations to make and to refer you to the best psychologist to do the evaluation. Have you ever had any mental health treatment?

Customer: No
Customer: What sort of test I should request?
Customer: And I am very interested to take the cognitive/learning assessment test , can you advice me how can I do the test
JaRee1993 :

Would you consider having an assessment done by a local mental health counselor to help you to determine the kind of treatment you might need? Sometimes depression and anxiety can be treated in counseling to find the source of the problem and skills to deal with the symptoms and be able to move forward and develop the happy productive life you deserve. Sometimes it needs medication to assist with the symptoms. I would be glad to assist you with finding an agency in your area to assist you with a counselor and the psychological testing if you would like

Customer: That would be great! I would prefer to do the cognitive , learining
Customer: Test online
Customer: i live in Australia, Melbourne. Would that be reachable for you to find counselor service?
JaRee1993 :

There are tests online, however, you do not get the feedback and treatment recommendations that are needed and can not ask questions to help you clarify the results. I will give you a online web site for that. If you will give me your city, state and zip I will give you some agency referrals as well.

JaRee1993 :

I will look for you. Hang on for just a few minutes please. OK?

Customer: Australia, city:Melbourne zip:3000
Customer: Thankyou
Customer: I which ppp
Customer: Can you please send me send introductory psychology test, or direct me to a web site that provide testing service. And it would be fantastic if you can find counselor service in my residential area.
JaRee1993 :

Here is a website for the test. There are also other online tests there you can try. However, remember you will not be getting the true picture you would get from having a psychologist preform the test and interpret the results and help you understand them. I will look for agencies for you in your area and be right back with you.

Customer: Thankyou
JaRee1993 :

Still looking. think I have one for you that covers your area. Hold on for a second ok?

Customer: I am familiar with Lumosity, this site is a innovated mini game method to help improve brain function. I have joined the site because it has so many interesting games. However, there aren't any test associated on the site.
JaRee1993 :

It says there is.. Let me check further.

Customer: Sure
JaRee1993 : This is a site that gives you a manual to open and has all the information you need to find the right mental health counselor and psychologist in your area to assist you with getting the help you are looking for. Let me check again for online testing for you.

Customer: Thankyou
JaRee1993 :

Be right back.

JaRee1993 :, Here are two different sites. The first one of them gives you different online sites to try.

JaRee1993 :

I hope all of these help you find your answer. However, will you please try to find a good counselor through the website I gave you to assist you with getting some assistance with the proper diagnosis and treatment to allow you to live the kind of life you deserve?

Customer: Yes, Thankyou. But there are so many sector of service, I think I need a correct referral. How do I distinguish witch area of service?
JaRee1993 :

Hang on I will look at it and give you a couple to call.

JaRee1993 :

Call this number and tell them where you live and what you are looking for and they will direct you to the right agency,

Mental Health Advice Line 1300 280 737
A state-wide telephone information service available to all Victorians seeking mental health
information, advice and referral for themselves or another person. The service operates
24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays. Also look at page 20 of the manual for local services.
A list of Victoria’s mental health services can be found at the Victorian Government Health
Information website

Customer: Thanxs I hope I could find professional service.
JaRee1993 :

If my answers have been helpful to you please complete rating survey so that I can receive my pay and also know how to best serve our customers. I would also like to follow up with you in a few days to see how you are doing if that is okay with you. Please take good care of you!

JaRee1993 and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you

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