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Although I do fully understand that my son will more than likely

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Although I do fully understand that my son will more than likely need to be on mediction for bipolar disorder for the rest of his life since he did have an acute manic attack, I have been doing some reading about alternative therapies. The reason some of these people have gone in another direction is because of the side effects of the medications and that they don't work long term. The person I read about, a celebrity had a manic episode to the degree that they were dellusional and wandering the streets. After twenty years of medication she decided to go on amino acids and vitamins and has been episode free for five years, with her moods remaining stable. If these alternative therapies aren't usually expected to work, I wonder how it could be that another manic episode didn't occurr within five years. My son will remain on medication for many years, probably life but when you read stories like this you wonder if it isn't something he could try someday.
Hello, I would like to help you with your question.

Yes, there are alternatives. Some of them even have medical research behind them, especially in Europe. If you choose to use any of these treatments, recognize that every Bipolar diagnosis is unique. The remission of the celebrity that you spoke about could be due to the supplements along with alternative medications that they did not mention. The break in symptoms could also be due to a natural remission which can happen with Bipolar, especially as the diagnosed person ages.

Most individuals who choose to try natural methods do so under the close observation of an osteopath or other holistic medicine professional. Also, some doctors will also support alternative medicines, some will not. You may have to ask around to see if you can find one, if your son's doctor is not supportive.

It is important to know that nutritional supplements vary in their purity and in their potency. Therefore, it is in your best interest to use a pharmaceutical oriented company like who produces products with high quality guidelines.

As an example of an alternative supplement:

1000 mg. of Omega 3 fatty acid
10 mg. Zinc
500 mg. Calcium
100 mg Magnesium Glycenate

These have been shown to have mood stabilizing properties. But because everyone's body chemistry is different, be sure your son is seen by a professional before you consider this alternative.

I hope this helps,
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Thank you so much! I appreciate the positive rating and bonus.

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