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I understand that my son will need to remain on medication

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I understand that my son will need to remain on medication for the rest of his life for bipolar 1 disorder .I had read about the Pfeifer Centre that seems to use mega vitamins to deal with this disorder and it claims that patients are usually able to reduce the amount of medication that they take and some are even able to come off medication. I wonder if this is something that is worth trying or not.
I'm not familiar with that facility. Certainly a lot of due diligence would need to be done before entrusting your son's life to a facility that makes such claims. I don't know what doctors you have tremendous faith in, but if there are any, then that would be a place to start, to ask them to network within the medical community about this facility and whether its claims are reliable.

If there is a large university near you with a hospital, another source of information might be to have a conference with the head of psychiatry at the hospital and ask him/her for help in finding out about the reliability of this facility.

Again, claims like these are extreme. And all, of us who've been treating mental health issues including BD, and especially all of us who've dealt with mental health issues that involved psychosis, are very, very skeptical of extreme claims like these. If mega doses of vitamins were effective in the kind of "numbers" that medications are, we know that the drug companies would be all over it. They are in the business of finding effective treatments and then selling them.

And even the most effective ones they market cannot boast such extreme results. So, again, I am a hopeful person by nature and training. I don't prejudge any treatments, whether they are the standard American medicine or alternative medicines. But I am wary of extreme claims and I urge you to be as well. Thus, it means making sure that you've checked them out very carefully, because it's not only money at stake, but your son's stability.

Okay, I wish you the very best!

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