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With a healthy lifestyle and using Seroquel is there hope

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With a healthy lifestyle and using Seroquel is there hope that is my son does have a manic episode it could remain as hypomania and avoid the psychotic episode?
Well, the hope is that with Seroquel and a healthy lifestyle your son will avoid both full manic and hypomanic episodes. I would, however, still recommend adding psychotherapy with someone who is experienced working with BD into the treatment plan: medication, psychotherapy, and healthy lifestyle.

Have I mentioned the work of Mary Copeland to you? She is a therapist who has suffered from BD for many years. In my practice, I use the resources with people with BD from Mary Ellen Copeland. I have found her work easy for people to use and easy to keep with him . The biggest problem is forgetting to keep to the plan when times are good and then something happens! Copeland also was hospitalized. She developed a BD treatment protocol called Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). First let me cite one of her books for you.

The Depression Workbook: A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression by Mary Ellen Copeland. Amazon:

Now here's a YouTube search I've put together on the WRAP program. Look at the videos and see what you think:

The video with Mary Ellen is a bit strong but worthwhile.

So, again, the goal of medication is exactly to allow the person to avoid a full manic episode if he is disciplined about taking his meds. Hypomanic episodes also are less pronounced and easier to handle with medications.

Taking steps such as a healthy lifestyle can increase the effectiveness of medications tremendously, so that is very important as well.

Okay, I wish you the very best!

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