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How do I handle the anger my husband has towards me about

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How do I handle the anger my husband has towards me about his recent involuntary admittance into a mental health facility? Is this a stage and when might I see a turn around. He doesnt think anything is wrong.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
If you were the one to have your husband committed, then he may be angry that you forced him to have treatment. That is a very normal response in someone who has been resistant to getting help. Many people feel that they are not the one with the issues and that everyone else is at fault. When they are committed and everyone else agrees they are the one with the issues, the person can become angry and take it out on the person that committed them or those who are closest to them. If you did commit your husband, you would fit both categories.
Your desire to have your husband know you are there for him and that you love him is wonderful. You are looking beyond what he is saying and doing and trying to help him any way you can. Keep doing that as long as you can. However, if your husband would try to hurt you, it may be a good idea to back off a while until he gets under control.
Also, keep reinforcing the idea that this was not done to him to make him feel worse. It was done because everyone cares about him. People are committed every day and it is done because there is concern the person will hurt themselves or someone else or that they are unable to care for themselves. So reinforcing the idea that he is cared about, even if he doesn't agree with it, may help.
Ask someone else close to your husband to talk to him. If you can find a close relative or friend that your husband feels comfortable with, you can ask this person to reinforce the idea that everyone, especially you, cares for him. If he hears it from someone else, he may calm down.
Talk to your husband's therapist and/or doctor while he is inpatient to express your concerns about your husband's anger. They may not be able to share information with you without a consent, but that does not stop you from talking to them. See if they have any general tips on how to handle the situation. They may be able to offer a lot since they know him now.
Also, consider talking to a therapist yourself. You are going through a difficult time and it is stressful. Talking to someone and having that support can help a lot. And see if there are groups at the hospital or elsewhere that you can join so you have a chance to share your feelings and experience. Depending on your husband's diagnosis, you might want to try
I hope this has helped you,
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